Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue Jean Serenade

The late afternoon sun in my bedroom is almost magical.
It is my favorite time of day to be in there...and to have a few quiet moments before the kids come home from school?
Well, that's priceless!
I had off today and went to my favorite lifestyle shopping center here in NJ.
Alone, by myself.
Just how I like to shop.

I hit up Pottery Barn, Anthro, JCrew and Williams Sonoma and bought a little something at each.
Anthro had the most amazing fleece leggings. And some sale earrings!
JCrew had a great canvas belt (sale) and those zip ankle sweats.
That are being returned tomorrow.
Yikes is all I have to say about that.
Williams Sonoma had my favorite pumpkin pancake mix in store.
Perfect for Saturday morning breakfast before I head in to work.
And Pottery Barn.
I found a bunch of treasures there.
Maybe I'll tell you about them later.

When I got home it was pushing 80 degrees here, so I changed into flip flops and this chiffon blouse that consistently dangles there in my closet ignored.
It evokes an Hermes sort of vibe for me. 
Those golden chain links bring me thoughts of a bygone era.
When women didn't wear jeans and flip flops with their chiffon blouses.

blouse: ny&co (old!)
jeans: express stella barely boot
sunglasses: banana republic
earrings: express
ring: limited


  1. Marie ~ Thanks so much! I felt so good wearing that blouse yesterday that I wondered why it is so neglected all the time!

  2. Oh you look so beautiful in those photos.
    80 degrees? Wowee!

  3. Wow, those photos are really beautiful. You make casual jeans look very nice, that isn't easy to do!

  4. Tabitha ~ Yup, 80 degrees and I thought it was supposed to be fall outside.
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Kinsey ~ Thanks! My husband says I don't know what casual is...he accuses me of being chronically overdressed...but this, to me, is definitely casual!


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