Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I started taking these pictures in the few minutes of downtime I get before I start cooking dinner.
I fully intended to write about my way of casual dressing...how my form of casual is so very different than the sea of velour tracksuits and sweatpants I live around.
As I took them, my daughter surprised me again saying "Mama, I just want to be with you."
And so I ended up with a bevvy of candid shots of the two of us again.

You know what?
Telling you all about my outfit no longer seemed important.
Scheduling this post for tomorrow morning seems silly.
Because this is what I love most about my life.
And this is more important to share than sharing my adventures thrifting this shirt.
Or how that anonymous girl inspired me to wear another pair of vintage earrings.
Or remind you how much I love camel again.
Oh sure, I love blogging about style and clothing.
But most of all I love this little girl.

plaid shirt: thrifted larry levine
ribbed tank: ny&co
jeans: express (same ones as yesterday)
boots: style & co
scarf: ?
earrings: thrifted
ring: vintage, inherited
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. I love this post!
    Your daughter, same age as mine, I can tell she is just as precious.
    Oh and she is stylish too! I wonder where she gets that?
    Have a great evening!

  2. Cutest

    The most important thing in life is time spent with loved ones!

  3. DaniBP ~ Thanks...it is such a great age...they still want to be cuddled, but you can actually have semi grown up conversations with them. She is really such a mini version of myself that it is almost comical!

    Pamela ~ Thanks! You are so right...nothing else matters more.

  4. Beautiful! I love these pics. What a lucky lady you are. And how lucky is Noodle to have you. x

  5. Corinne ~ Thanks! And the same for Lil Lil and Goosey! xoxo


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