Monday, October 25, 2010

Chase The Costumes She Shall Wear

Of 3 things I am sure.
1. I am still obsessed with blazers and wearing them almost daily.
2. I am still infatuated with The Velvet Underground (sans my post title from Venus In Furs).
3. I am being drawn to soft neutrals lately as witnessed here and here.

I saw this dress at F21 the other day.
I don't even know why I went in there.
The only thing I can really look at is the jewelry because the store is usually mobbed and a holy mess.
But it was Friday morning and I had an inkling I would find a treasure in there and lo and behold, I did!
My eyes were instantly drawn to the soft colors and when I saw the draping fabric in the skirt, I was sold.
I knew it needed bold grey tights and my nude heels.
And this vintage tweed blazer I scored last year to add just the right texture.

dress: forever 21
blazer: vintage, thrifted elles belles
tights: express
heels: nine west
earrings: ny&co
ring: vintage,inherited


  1. Wow!!! I would never have thought F21 for that dress. I seriously thought you were going to say Express. It's the fact that it's not scandalously short. I love it! And the blazer really makes the outfit.

  2. Pamela ~ I know, right? The only sad thing is how badly the fabric pilled up from having the blazer rub against it. C'est la vie! We get what we pay for! At under $20 I cannot expect this dress to live for very long.

  3. That dress is amazing. I especially love the asymmetrical draping on the side. It really does look like an Express piece. Great find!

  4. The draping on that dress, wow! And from F21? And the hemline isn't scandalous? I am impressed! I am SO going there and rooting around now, haha! I adore that blazer. I need to do some thrifting in your area because all the stores in my area sell mainly things from the less awesome part of the 90s.


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