Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girl Crush Alert!

My jaw dropped open when I saw the October issue of Harper's Bazaar and these gorgeous photos of Drew Barrymore.
The setting!
The dresses!
That hair! 
And Drew!
She looks completely amazing!

I have long admired Drew for her candidness and the way she marches in time to her own drummer.
She has lived her life her way and makes no apologies for it.
To see someone who has struggled so publicly with addiction, family issues and living her entire in the public eye grow into such a balanced, confident and gorgeous woman?

I swoon.
(and now want to grow my hair that long!)


  1. I love love Drew too! And OMG! I want to grow my hair that long too!

  2. I'm a total Drew Barrymore fan, for exactly the same reason you've listed. She continues to get better and better.

  3. I loved this spread too, especially that backless dress with beading. She looks better than she has in years here.

  4. I love Drew, I saw her interviwed last week and she is sooooo cool, she was like a rock star, I have a total crush on her too.

  5. The Green Organza dress is TO DIE!!!!

  6. Pictures 1 and 3 are my absolute faves. If she looks this amazing now, can you imagine her in another 10 years?
    Watch out Demi!

  7. wowwwww it took me 3 pictures before i figured out it was Drew but I was in love already by then. she is amazing and these photos... wowser!! MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


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