Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Eleanor And I'm An Addict

I first blogged about my addiction here, except at that point I called it my "collection".
Perhaps I was in denial.
But it is truly safe to say that I have a problem.
An issue.
With cookbooks.
See for yourself:

And yes, the cabinets underneath are full of them too.
In my defense, I have been better about buying them lately.
Perhaps in part, because the day we moved into this home just about five years ago, my two brothers threatened me around dinner time (the process took from 7am til 11pm!) that if they carried any more boxes labeled "cookbooks" they were gonna kick my ass.
And they're both over 6ft tall and hockey players.
You'd be scared too!

So while I haven't been buying them left and right lately, I must confess there are a few new books that have either just hit the shelves or are on their way that I must have!
Besides, we're not planning on moving for at least 2 more years!

I seriously want to be adopted by Ina and Jeffrey.
My daughter once told my mother "Mommy wishes that that lady was her real mommy!"
Yes, I heart her that much!
But I love you too mommy!

Who doesn't love Nigella's attitude?
She exudes sex appeal with her devil may care attitude and scandalous snacking.
Her decadence intimidates yet amazes me.

Thomas Keller?
We'll just say he's one of the masters...can't live without him.

And Tyler?
Tell me he isn't so cute that you don't wish you were sitting there to his right...eating his yummy food...birthing his cherubic little children?
Some girls just step in it, you know?

Truthfully, I would never trade my hubby in...he's pretty amazing too!
My girlfriends and I have nicknamed him "Tyler" since he favors Tyler's recipes when cooking his weekend feasts for me.
Now this is the type of role model all husbands need!

Since the hubs and I are both avid "foodies" he really doesn't say much about the growing "collection".
And I can be certain he will be just as anxious as myself to get his hands on Tyler's latest!

What do you collect?
What are you completely addicted to?
Do share, inquiring minds love to know!


  1. Too funny. I love it. Also love all the outfits of late! Super chic. I love Fall dressing

  2. omg those are all cookbooks?? have you heard of ;0) just kidding, but you must be a great cook with all of those!

  3. I think if I gave in to my desire for buying cookbooks, my collection would look just like yours. Cookbooks are just so pretty!

  4. Sarah ~ Thanks! I'm glad you saw the humor I intended ;)

    Kinsey ~ There is nothing quite like the feel of a real book in your hands...the pictures, the pages...the internet can never replace that feeling!

    A Loopy Life ~ I agree! They are as wonderful for aesthetic purposes as they are for cooking!

  5. We could be best buds, I love cookbooks too.
    Especially Nigella, I so love the way she writes about food. I have ALL of her books!


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