Friday, October 22, 2010

Hits And Misses

I bought this gorgeous tweed vest a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to wear it.
I knew it needed to be worn with a fabulous vintage blouse and some 70's ish flare jeans.
Not a big fan of flare, I scrounged around my closet and dug out this old wide leg flares to be had in my wardrobe!
As the jeans were not made by the company I work for, I cannot wear them to work so I saved them for a day off of shopping.
When I took these photos when I got home, I wasn't crazy about the overall look.
It looked ok in the mirror, but in the photos....blah.
The denim needed to be darker, flared....just better.
And the vest?
Should it be buttoned, open....not really sure....just not loving it.
This week I thrifted a great blouse that was literally made for my tweed vest.
So I gave it another go around.

don't you just love that lace racerback? sooo sexy!

With a black pencil skirt, aubergine tights and booties...this time around was definitely the hit!
Happy Weekending Everyone!
As for me, I have the weekend off and am having our annual Halloween Party tomorrow!
Squee!!!! And Cackle!!!!

1st look:
blouse: vintage, thrifted
vest: express
jeans: limited
lace up boots: nine west
sunglasses: banana republic

2nd look:
blouse: vintage, thrifted
vest: express
pencil skirt: express
tights: jcrew
booties: style & co
jewelry: vintage, thrifted


  1. I liked the first look with the side tie and the vest. Immediatly decided to copy it. I do think I will like it better buttoned, (for both you and I to show off our curves). I like the whole faded look from top to bottom. The jeans look great. Maybe just needs some shiny accessories to make it pop.
    Second look, blew my socks off. Definitly stealing it. (see what I mean about the fitted vest?).

    Love your style, steal it everyday.

  2. Venetia ~
    You have made my evening. Thank you.

  3. Whoa, I love both looks. The first one is such a cool look. I love the 70's influence on it.

    That vest is awesome!


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