Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Pile It On

Clearly I love layers.
And if you are always freezing cold like I am, then my guess is you do too.
I am off today.
Off running last minute Halloween errands...our big party is this Saturday night!

Check in later tonight at my entertaining blog, Suburban Soirees to see an awesome DIY project for Halloween that kept me busy almost all afternoon!

cordurouy blazer: inc
stripe sweater: limited
l/s tee: jcrew
jeans: express
boots: style & co
scarf: ny & co
jewelry: vintage,thrifted


  1. I love layering for fall, too. It's just so cozy.

    I'm interested in seeing your craft! See you at the other blog!!

  2. Look great! I hope your party goes well. We're having a 4th birthday princess party on Saturday, so it's all pink and sparkle at my place. x

  3. Pamela ~ After some trial and's up! Enjoy!

    Corinne ~ It will be all cobwebs and spiders here on Saturday for sure...enjoy the princess party and Happy Birthday to your little angel!


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