Sunday, October 10, 2010


Wearing my glasses makes me feel weird.
Almost like I have a mask on my face.
As I have said before, I generally choose to strain my eyes rather than wear them regularly as I should.
Unfortunately, sometimes the strain gives me a dull headache that just won't go away and thus I submit to wearing them.
Feeling like I am hiding behind a costume all day.
Lately I find myself scrounging through my handbag for them while driving at night.
Out of desparation to banish the "shadowplay" that happens in the dark.
At least no one sees me then.

tee: jcrew
scarf: ny&co
glasses: catherine deneuve


  1. Not nerdy at all. You look divine.
    Sexy librarian chic.

  2. I don't think you look nerdy at all! What nerd would pair a cute striped tee and animal print scarf anyway!?! :)

  3. You look gorgeous! Not at all nerdy. x

  4. oh, i think you look adorable! :) and i love this combo...stripes and animal print. niiiiice.

  5. JA ~ I may take that comment and match it with a post of sexy librarian chic! Thanks!

    Pamela ~ I suppose you are right...but I loathe wearing them outside of the's a fashion before function thing!

    Corinne ~ I can always count on you for a sweet comment! Thanks Other~Mother~From~Down~Under!

    Paige ~ Awww...thanks! I rather like leopard and stripes too which is handy because I never met a leopard print or a stripe I didn't like!


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