Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shopping Secrets Divulged....

Shhhhhhh......don't tell anyone else what I am about to tell you....please???
I mean, people might look at me weird or something.
Think I am strange.
But the truth of the matter is....
I am an aesthetic shopper.
A visual girl to say the least.

Which means my friends, that I cannot shop for clothing in sale pits sections.
I can only shop for vintage on racks of mish mosh apparel.
And only in stores that size it. Sorry Goodwill!
Oh sure, I love a good bargain...but unless a fabric, color, texture pops out to me from a side hanging sale mess rack...I can't bring myself to dig through it.

This also means I am a terrible online shopper.
Actually, I hardly shop online at all.
If I cannot touch it, feel it, hold it in my hands...I can barely be interested in it.
This doesn't mean I don't peruse websites.
I certainly do!
But only the pages where items are styled and shot fashion magazine-like.
It has to come to life for me to catch my interest.

So imagine my delight when I received this email from Anthropologie?
Being the very finicky visual  shopper I am, I swooned and swooned over these little video clips that made me want to whip out the credit card and buy each item.

My favorites?
See for yourself....

Love Love Love


  1. I see you wearing each of those outfits, especially the last one!

    If I'm in the right mood, I can shop in any situation/mess!!

  2. Pamela ~ I wish I could be that way! Years ago, I was the GM of a Marshall's store and even still could only "shop" off the truck. Once it hit the racks it was lost forever to me!

  3. Their photos are much better than the ususal ones of clothes on the body form :0)

  4. Oh that is me to a tee! I so want to be that person who finds a fabulous treasure, but I just can't do it. I can't online shop either, I like to touch and feel.

  5. Hi Eleanor! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I am your newest reader! And I am absolutely obsessed with the skirt in the first outfit. The mix of gray, cream, and coral is just lovely!

  6. I do alot of online shopping, but I know what you mean as far as being THERE to touch and feel get to take it home right away too...I love Anthro shoes....they really are to die for!!!

    Enter my Fab Tulle Giveaway♥

  7. In Kinsey's Closet ~ Agreed!

    Corinne ~ I can only find treasures in the thrift stores where the racks are small and sized out.

    Jamie ~ Welcome!!! I agree...isn't that skirt so fabulous??? This whole little lookbook they put together has me in serious shopping mode!

    Collette ~ There is truly nothing better than instant gratification! Anthro does make amazing shoes...there is nothing quite like them! Thanks for stopping by!


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