Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes I Think I Am ColorBlind

I bought these amazing fleece leggings at Anthropologie the other day.
When I spied them, I thought "What a perfect grey legging!" "I could really use a pair of grey!"
Then as I was driving into work yesterday morning, wearing this ensemble, I looked down at my legs and they looked navy blue.
Navy blue?!?!?
What the...?!?!?
I peered over the top of my sunglasses....
Navy blue?
Later in the day, they looked grey to me again.
Am I crazy or just colorblind?
But I didn't think women could be colorblind?!?!?

Perhaps I am just delirious, because as I blew out my hair Sunday morning, I started sneezing and my nose started running like a faucet.
I take allergy medicine every night, but sometimes it just isn't enough to keep them at bay.
In fact, I had a tissue balled up in one or the other fist in all of these photos just in case I sprung a leak.
As the day progressed, I grew considerably worse and had to tell people that it was ok to not say "God bless you" to me anymore.
Because it was completely ridiculous how many times they had to keep saying it.
By the time I got home last night after 9, I felt like I had been run over by a freight train and slept all night with a hooded sweatshirt on, with the hood actually on my head and I must have resembled a sleeping elf ~like creature:
~Who couldn't breathe through her nose.
~Gasping for air through her dry-as-the-Sahara-desert-mouth.
~Who woke at 4 something this morning still feeling like she got run over, still blowing her nose,still wearing her hoodie, sweating one minute and freezing the next.

My guess is it's not allergies.

oversized sweater: loft
leggings: anthro by tinoretta (buy them! they are exceptional!)
boots: coach
ring: jcrew
earrings: anthro
necklaces: (2 separate) both ny&co
bracelet: limited


  1. oh no. I hope you feel better!

    Your outfit looks comfy and cozy but still chic. Those boots are amazing!!!

    I will have to check out those leggings for myself. They sound divine. I'll let you know what color I think they are ;)

  2. Oh No! If it is a cold, I hope you get better real fast. I know you are busy but you may just have to take some time off.
    LOL those leggings, in the first pic's they look gray, then they look navy. I would have made the same mistake!
    Great outfit regardless, I love the necklaces with the sweater!

  3. Pamela ~ After thoroughly investigating the website, they are indeed grey! Thanks...your wishes have worked wonders and today I am beginning to feel more like myself!

    DaniBP ~ Thanks so much! Luckily I am mostly suffering from a dry, crusty nose right now...but at least I can breathe!


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