Sunday, October 3, 2010

That's Romance, Baby

Saturday afternoon as I milled about the mall on my lunch/dinner break, I came up with an ingenious plan and decided to call the hubs.
phone ringing, curmudgeonly 16 year old son answers:
me: get daddy please
son: huh? um...ok.
husband gets on phone.
me: hi! is charlie there?
charlie: he's not.
i pause and think, "why isn't he just playing along?"
me: oh, that's too bad! can you take a message for me?
charlie: sure.
me: can you tell him eleanor called? can you tell him that she wanted to ask him out on a date for later tonight? maybe to go out and get a few drinks?
charlie: yup. will do.
silence again.
me: why do you have to be such a jerk?

Ahhh....that's almost 10 years of marital bliss for you folks.
Try to throw a little spicy curve ball in there and they don't even play along with you!

Friday afternoon I arrived at work and saw this little sweater dress with the fabulous zipper and in this amazing aubergine color and all that I could think was:
So I made it mine.
I decided to wear it to work right away on Saturday paired with grey tights and black boots...which is exactly what I knew I would wear it with when I saw it.
It fits so perfectly that I felt amazing all day.
Thus asking hubs out on an impromptu date.
Why not?
I was all dressed up, nowhere to go...showing off the biggest derriere in NJ (watch out Kim Kardashian...this could be East Coast vs. West Coast in the booty department!) and just going home to put on sweats?
I think not!

Around 9:30 last night we headed out to a local bar had a few drinks (gin & tonic for me, house brewed amber ale for hubs) shared some fried (and very, very bad for us ~ I will be sweating it off shortly ~ snacks).
We laughed, we talked, we reminded ourselves why we have spent the past 10 years together.
That's romance, baby.

dress: express
tights: ?
boots: coach
necklace: express (but as my friend connor @ jcrew pointed out yesterday, is the exact twin of a madewell one! but mine was only $7.99 on clearance! necklace is in store, not on either companies website!)
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. Aw, what a fun post!! Thanks for the Sunday smile. ;)

    Love the dress on you BTW, that color is gorgeous and the fit is very flattering.


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