Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Then And Now

I am on a blazer kick like no one's business.
Since donning my new knit one on Sunday, I want to wear a blazer everyday.
I remembered this tweed one I haven't worn since I posted about it last year, and since I was letting it see the light of day, I decided to show the love to this cashmere sweater vest as well.
Folded and forgotten.
Paired with jean leggings, my Coach boots and my men's oxford button up, all of which get heavy rotation in my closet, this may just have been one of my favorites.
I saw a young woman this weekend wearing the greatest pair of large, pearl vintage earrings with her hair pulled back and a fab scarf.
I complimented her on her great jewelry, and as I walked away I asked myself why I don't wear more of my vintage costume???
So, out came a great pair of oversized pearl studs to complete this little number.
Thanks to the stranger who inspired.
Thanks to the blazer for being unfailingly stylish.
Thanks to my common sense for picking up these great items and never letting them go.

blazer: isaac mizrahi for target
cashmere vest: jcrew
men's oxford: gap
jeans: express
boots: coach
earrings: vintage


  1. I love the foxy boots and jeans, the whole look is very Elle Macpherson, especially your lushly thick hair!

  2. Tabitha ~ Your compliments inflate my head and ego so much that I am now bound indoors as I cannot fit it through the doorway.
    Elle Macpherson...I swoon!

  3. I too have hair jealousy issues whenever I see your pics - how do you get the perfect amount of bounce, curl and shiny?! Ack, me and my frizzled head will go back to the bathroom now ...


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