Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can You Keep Up?

I am technologically impaired.
Oh sure, I write a blog.
Music shaped who I am this very day and yet I don't own an iPod.
(But I have tons of vinyl in the attic!)
I am really behind the times as far as the newest, most advanced tools of the trade go.
In fact, every two years when our cell phone plan is up for renewal I tend to roll my eyes when the husband suggests an upgrade.
To be completely honest with you, I sometimes wish I didn't have a cell phone...
Wasn't life more simple without anyone and everyone being able to get a hold of you at any moment in time?

When I started my new job in April, I realized how archaic and behind the times I am.
 I sat in meetings while my peers Blackberried to their little hearts content and each day see my desk littered with my managers internet accessible phones.
When questions arise, the answers are swiftly googled.
If I tell someone I write a blog, they look it up right then and there.
All while I hold my little flip phone "Chocolate" in shame.

During the summer I told my husband that I would need an upgrade this time around.
My boss communicates through email daily.
And I have no clue what is going on until I get home from work.
Still, I have been in no hurry to run out and actually upgrade.
At our Halloween party, my raucous brother teased me about my impairment.
"They don't even make your dumb phone anymore!" he taunted.
My girlfriend says in constant astonishment,
"You have almost 100 employees! How can you not at least have a Blackberry!?"
I have no answers.

This weekend the husband suggested we look at some other cell phone providers.
Perhaps it was time to switch.
Well friends, we went to At&t and I looked at the iPhone 4.
It was love at first touch.

I have already spent about $30 at iTunes.
I plan to pillage and plunder my son and husbands iPods for more music.
In fact, I sit here now typing away, ear phones on listening to my new toy.
Unlimited texting?
More internet access than the salesgirl says I can possibly use?

And she's off....

traversa cardi: jcrew
polka dot blouse: express
tweed shorts: gap
tights: ny&co
thigh highs: target
boots: coach
ring: express
earrings: ny&co


  1. Oooh I'm in love with my iPhone too. Swore I would never have one, but I really and truly love it.


  2. Oh no, you've gone to the dark side!! There's no turning back now you know :)
    I got a smartphone last winter and now I am completely addicted to that little flashing green light indicating I have a new email/text/whatnot.

    BUT I still have a love hate relationship with it. i hate new technology, I hate that kids these days spend all their time texting, on the net or in front of the tv. I love listening to vinyl and actually going OUTSIDE.

    What can ya do? times they are a changin.

  3. ^Boy can I relate to Emily's comment above. Technology is fascinating and can be so convenient but I also hate what it has done to society. I made the decision to take note of what I dislike and act differently in my own life. I steer clear of my phone at all costs while driving. If I MUST use it, I use hands free or make sure I am very conscious of my environment and make it quick!! I cannot stand drivers on their phone-they're essentially disabled (can't use blinker, swerving over unconsciously into my lane etc.) it's scary!
    I also remain conscientious of not looking at/using my phone while among friends or anyone for that matter. The friends I love dearly have theirs out on the table during our very limited "girls night out" dinner gatherings=( Heaven forbid the kids might call even though Dad is home with them!!) It is things like that that make me sad. People cannot even focus on one another the few times they get to be together..and the majority of the time in between we are emailing each other and not even talking on the phone, anymore!

    I am also saddened by kids at family gatherings--on their phone/texting. My oldest is at the age of a phone and not only am I putting it off as long as possible (he doesn't seem to care right now)but I am laying down some rules. The phone is going in a basket by the door when he gets home and it is not to be brought out when we go somewhere for dinner or to a family gathering. It's just basic etiquette that is not handed out when someone gets a phone..and there should be a cell phone etiquette manual-LOL;) Rant over=)

  4. Corinne ~ I did too, but now...{swoon} I am in love!

    Emily ~ {in best Darth Vader impersonation} "Yes Luke, I have gone to the dark side} lol...sorry...couldn't resist!
    Yes, I have the same love/hate feelings. There are kids I know that literally NEVER go outside. It's sad really.

    Sweetsy ~ I'm glad you came out of lurking and rant was totally acceptable!
    My son got a new phone the other night with us, and he is 16 but we will not allow him internet access on his phone. Same thing with his pc in his room. It has word and anything else he might need for school work but internet is only allowed on the shared family computer.
    My 8 year old asked for a phone and we laughed at her. Although I know she has friends with phones already, there is no way she will have one for quite a few more years.
    My rule is, they can have a phone when they come home by themselves from school and we are still at work.
    This way, if they got locked out, or something happened, they have a way to get in touch with us. But seeing that my daughter will not be doing that for at least 5 more years she is simply out of luck.
    I share your sentiments about people's manners with their phones and I will add an additional rant,
    Why do people have personal conversations on their phones when shopping? Why do you want other customers and sales staff to hear about Uncle Sam's illness or your friend's divorce? Worse yet is when they go to pay and never hang up the phone.
    It is so rude!
    When people do it to me, I still talk to them and ask them every question I would if they were not on the phone.
    "Did you find everything you needed today?"
    "Did you know that this is buy one get one half? Did you want to grab a second item?"
    This way they are forced to answer and hopefully will self realize how they are lacking in manners!
    Now my rant is over ;)

  5. love this outfit...must copy it!


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