Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forever Young

Terra said it best when talking about Forever 21 recently, "when you are closer to 40 than 20, you feel a little weird shopping there".
I immediately jumped to comment on her blog and agree.
You all already know how difficult it is for me to shop in a sea of round racks.
And millions of different items mashed in together tends to make me nauseous.

That being said, I have recently found a few really great things in there recently.
Oh sure, when you spend under $20 for an item, you can expect the fabric to pill where your blazer rubbed against it.
Isn't that what those electric shavers are for?
And to get a great "trend on" piece for mere dollars sounds good to me.

When I saw the satin shirt with the side tie I almost died.
I loved the detail and it certainly did not strike me as an item ticked at $18!
I wore it the very next day to work and when people asked where I got it, they were shocked that it was looks like so much more.

After such a good find, I ducked back into the store closest to my home on Monday morning.
And I found this cute dress.
Sure it's a little short...but with leggings?
Sweet perfection.

outfit one:
satin shirt: f21
jeans: express
boots: coach
earrings: f21
bracelet: jcrew
fur: vintage, thrifted

outfit two:
dress: f21
turtleneck: talbots
leggings: ny&co
necklace: ny&co
leather biker jacket: id
boots: coach
earrings: ?
ring: express


  1. Okay. I want the shirt from your first outfit.

    No, seriously. I WANT IT.


    Fine. Hahaha.... Sometimes F21 really does churn out some surprisingly amazing pieces! I have a lace dress from there that I love wearing with black tights. In fact, I'll wear it soon!

  2. Hmm, I think I might have to try F21 again. I have raided the jewelry section before and then been run out by the crowds and the LOUD music! And I didn't mind too much when a ring from there turned my finger green - I painted it with clear nailpolish. :P


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