Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Great Debate

It's that time of year when the days are shorter,
the sun has a more golden shade of brightness,
and I work 40 hours in 3 days rather than in a week.
Not all only does fall bring crazy swings in temperature,
but the craziness of 4th quarter as a retail employee as well.
I feel like I blinked on Friday and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday?!?!?
How could this be?

Last Wednesday I spent my day off sitting in Federal Jury duty in our lovely state capital.
Instead of working on Saturday as scheduled, I spent Friday night and all of Saturday in the hospital with my daughter who was admitted for a mysteriously frightening illness.
She was released late Saturday (thank goodness!) and I was back to work on Sunday to prepare for an executive visit.
After working about 15 hours yesterday, my eyes were welled up with tears from complete exhaustion and frustration.
 I woke up this morning and realized it was already Wednesday and now my husband has bronchitis!
But enough about me, let's talk about my outfit:

My husband had to see a doctor today then it was off to get prescriptions filled.
Without much thought I threw this ensemble on.
Which again created The Great Debate in our household.
Hubs says I overdress and make him feel like a slob.
(Dear, I know you are really sick, but wearing your Ugg slippers to the doctor and Target today...really???)
He has actually been saying this to people too.
Like when I pulled up in the car from work on Halloween and he was trick or treating with the other moms on our block.
They commented to him that I am always "so done up" and "dressed up" and he said,
"Yeah, I feel like a slob next to her."
Truthfully, I could care less if my husband only wants to wear hoodies and jeans...I mean, if he was into clothes then I might have to fight over closet space with him!
(Me = 99.9% of all closet space, husband = less than 1% of crammed, inconveniently placed closet space!)

So when I walked into the family room this morning to head out the door with him and said,
"Is this overdressed today?"
He responded:
"As always".
And off we went.

black military zip jacket: express
ruffle cotton cardi: jcrew
stripe l/s tee: limited
belt: jcrew
jeans: express
boots: style & co
earrings: express
ring: limited
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini


  1. I'm glad to hear your daughter is better and back at home. And I'm sorry that your husband is under the weather. But that being said, it doesn't excuse slippers being worn out of the house. Even Michael Jackson didn't get away with that!


  2. MEN!!!
    hope everyone feels better soon! When it rains, it pours!

  3. You're not over-dressed. Everyone else is underdressed. (They just don't want to make the effort).

  4. Pamela ~ Thanks so much! I will say that Ugg slippers are a vast improvement over the socks and Birkenstocks he used to sport when we first started dating!

    Emily ~ When they are sick the whole world could crumble around them and they would never notice! And I feel like it isn't even pouring here this's blizzarding! :(

    Venetia ~ My sentiments exactly!

  5. Oh no! I'm glad your daughter is feeling better, but now I hope your husband does too! As for being overdressed, my guy complains about the same thing, but I know that he secretly enjoys having a well-dressed woman with him. I am sure your husband feels the same, haha!

  6. Ugh. What a week. You poor thing. You must be exhausted. But you look fabulous! I would always prefer to be over dressed then under. I feel soooo uncomfortable when I feel underdressed. I think you look great :)

  7. Amy ~ Thanks! I agree with you! I'd like to believe he is secretly tickled pink!

    Sarah ~ Thanks! It has been an awful week, but then I think of how my problems pale in comparison to what others deal or may be dealing with and I realize that it could always be worse.
    God help me if it gets worse, but it could always be.

  8. *lol* Overdressed? That's casual, in my book. We have that discussion all the time, too. I didn't realize that other people feel bad about their attire when seeing others looking snazzy. Well, they know what they can do.

    Keep going w/your stylish self :-)


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