Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since Halloween fell on the first day of 4th Quarter at work, it was a mandatory work day for me.
I left later than originally anticipated, and was sad when I called the house and my son told me that my husband and daughter had already started trick or treating with the neighbors.
I have never, ever missed trick or treating with my children in the 16 years that I have been a mom.
I flew home (I work almost an hour away) at warp speed, and as I pulled into my development, there they all were at the opposite end from where we live.
I pulled up alongside them, asked them witch way they were headed next, and drove the car back to the house to start walking down to meet them.
I was wearing one of my furs yesterday, and for my daughter's sake decided to change into my JCrew puffer vest.
I also intended to throw on my Uggs, since after 10 hours of working and running around in my Coach knee highs, the pads of my feet were aching so badly that the thought of trolling about for candy made me want to cry.
But when I noticed my neighbor Kim had on a green puffer and Uggs, I decided to leave them on, lest we be trick or treat twins, cuter and less scary than the ones in The Shining.

There were some laughs, and some tears along the way.
Although, surprisingly, the tears were not from me and my aching feet.
The husbands happily ditched us ladies to head home and order pizzas for dinner.
My girlfriend Gia ditched us shortly after (she refuses to pose in pictures) and Kim and I pressed on.
And guess what we discovered?
Apparently, this famous UFC champion lives in our neighborhood!
He answered his door and gave our kids candy!
Who knew???


  1. I'm glad you were able to make it for trick or treating! How the heck did you even know who that fighter guy was?! I would have been oblivious. But it's good to know that there is some muscle in the neighborhood in the something goes down when your husband is away.

  2. Pamela ~ We are actually big UFC fans in this house...especially the hubs and Jr.
    Frankie Edgar is like a hometown hero, so most people here know of him.
    I just would have assumed he would have lived in a much "fancier" neighborhood than mine!

  3. Hahaahha, I love what Pam said about there being some muscle in the neighborhood! I'm glad that you were able to make it home in time to at least have some trick-or-treating fun with your kids, even if there were some tears along the way!

  4. Haha. Love that you are UFC fans. My husband use do security at the fights here in Boston. I guess the guy that started it is form South Boston, and they all know each other. My hubby says he is a reformed meathead...hehe. Have never been to a fight. I think it might be too much for me, but I would love to see all the D list celebrities that go.

    Glad you got home in time for trick-or-treating. So sweet.


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