Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kill Price

The most grueling week of work (possibly ever):
~ Working 12 hours each Sunday and Monday
~ Going in to work Tuesday morning at 6am and not leaving to go home til 1am on Wednesday
~ Arriving home at 2am, close eyes for 1hr (doesn't really count as sleeping!), back up and showered and back in car at 5am
~ Arrive back to work at 6am Wednesday
~ Crawl around edging sales floor (in sweats) with vacuum and mopping entire 9000 sq foot sales floor
~ Quickly changing clothes to this ensemble
~ Waiting anxiously for CEO of company and executive team to arrive to see my store
~ Nervously touring them throughout
~ Waving good bye at the door and finally breathing a sigh of relief
~ Rushing home to pick up daughter and all the kids on the block from 1/2 day at school
~ Babysitting until the other moms get out of work and tidying up the house that looks like a bomb went off in it (dustbunnies in hallways were actually biting at my ankles)
~ After kids get picked up, taking sick 16 year old to doctor as promised
~ Finding out he has double ear infections (oh, so that's why he couldn't hear out of his right ear!)
~ Off to Target to get prescriptions filled
~ Mill about Target while waiting for medicines
~ Throw unnecessary crap into cart because I am out of it and at this point don't know any better
~ Home and collapsed on couch by 8pm
~ Comatose until 8:30 am Thursday

I spent Thursday fuffing about the house.
At this point of exhaustion, I struggle to focus and just mill about not really accomplishing anything.
Wasted day.
I would have liked to lay on the couch watching Coco Before Chanel which I picked up recently, but my poor son was laying there in my spot instead.

But, don't cry for me Argentina...such is the life of a retail manager/mommy!
This is what I have knowingly signed up for!

Back to work on Friday, after such a tough week I feel like crap mentally and physically.
And still struggling to focus on anything and everything.
Almost a solid week of food court dining will do that to you.
So imagine my joy when I wandered (aimlessly) into JCrew on my break and one of the sales associates points to a rolling rack and says,
"Hey Eleanor, check out the Kill Price rack!"
"Kill price?"
"Yeah, onesies and twosies we marked down really low."
Come again???
Nothing could make a hard week fade into a distant memory faster than finding treasures like this:
Shore heathered plaid men's button up
With extra 30% off only $20!

Secret wash button down in banker's stripe
Purchased in a purple-ish shade for hubs on Kill Price rack

Traversa cardi in black for moi
Kill Price: $9.99!

Also purchased, but not pictured:

Coralie cami in creamy/blushy color
Cotton twisted neck l/s tee in rose

Yes, really!
It will never cease to amaze me how a delightful bargain can always soothe the weary soul!

Now, excuse me friends, as I am off to the salon for about 4 hours of color, highlights, cut and blow drying.
And hopefully some good scalp massaging during all the washings.

Happy Weekending Everyone! 


  1. Oh you poor thing - that IS a week from hell! Holy crap I'd still be asleep if I were you! Glad everything turned out though and I'm jealous of your scores - traversa cardi for only $10?!

  2. Lisa ~ Scores like this don't happen that often, but when they do, it's like Christmas isn't it?


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