Monday, November 15, 2010

Lead Me Not Into Temptation...

Working in a mall is not for the faint hearted.
I'm not talking about those who crumble under a customers angry glare or harsh words.
Nor am I referring to dealing with gaggles of pre-pubescent wonders on Friday night playing hide and go seek from store to store.

I'm talking of the more evil things...
The sweet, sweet offerings of all your favorite retailers...lurking just doors down from you.
All day.
Every day.

The signs that tempt and taunt with messages of deep discounts.
The friends and family flyers readily distributed from store to store with discounts you cannot possibly resist.
The flatbeds of truck drivers loaded with boxes passing by all day...
Restocking them with what sort of wonders?

The most sinister part of it all....

Quiet time to wander through the mall....weaving in and out of store after store....the anticipation of  a treasure just waiting to be addicting.
Like the sweet siren's call these stores beckon.
Food will no longer satisfy the hunger that lies within.

You're a shopper and you are on the prowl.
Eating no longer matters.
You check your watch and plan your time and execute flawlessly.
As you walk into your favorite store you find this tank in the sale section:

And you know that this gorgeous cardigan with gold threading throughout would look amazing on top of that tank you saw.

You know you shouldn't pull the trigger.


To be worn together...
With my brown suede Coach boots...

Must be strong...
Must not succumb to temptation...
Must stop thinking about them EVERY DAY.

tank: jcrew
sweater: express


  1. Could I relate to this post. I went to the mall on Saturday to kill time because our power went out. $100 bucks later, I left with 2 pairs of pants, a sweater, a silk top, a necklace, a long sleeve tee, and a camisole. The deals were amazing! Yet, I think how much I would have saved had I not gone.

  2. Howdy! This is definitely a fun, and very familiar, sentiment. :)

    I feel for you. That said, nap-time is blog-catching up time, and honestly, I find that my $$$ disappears really fast that way. LOL.

    BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  3. Oh god, I can SO relate to this. I worked really close to a mall once and every lunch break, I'd go wandering around it, which was such a bad idea. Eeeeeeeeeeek! The tank is SO cute, though, agh!

  4. Hah! I had a the best intentions of returning items that I didn't need (I did actually return them) but ended up buying other things that I probably didn't need anyway. It's a viscious circle.

  5. Oh, when I worked at the mall during the holidays even my 15 minute breaks were spent running across to JCrew, browsing, have the SA hold things for me to buy when I was done bc my 15 minutes was ending!

    Speaking of, I was just at the store and today all the sale was an additional 30% Off. I tried on that exact tank and almost bought it, but we are shopping in Chicago this weekend and I really really really want to browse at Zara and figured I'd save my $ for a potential splurge :) I love that tank and sweater though! With an extra percent off, GO FOR IT!


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