Friday, November 5, 2010

To The Moon, Alice!

As a child, I had strong opinions and ideas when it came to fashion.
When clogs made their debut, I pressured my mother until she gave in and let me have a pair.
Despite the fact that she worried I would break my neck wearing them.
One winter in the late 70's, I remember needing to buy snow boots.
Instead of normal, sensible snow boots, all I wanted was a pair of some crazy style "moon boots".
There was nothing in this world I could have wanted more.
My mother and I argued and argued about these boots.
She insisted I wouldn't wear them.
I swore up and down I would.
She said they weren't practical.
I professed my undying love for them.
She finally gave in and bought them for me, under strict instruction that I was to wear them come hell or high water.

You know how this story ends, don't you?
When snow finally arrived and it was time to wear them, they attracted attention from the other students.
They were pretty frivolous boots for the hokey town I lived in at the time.
By the second day I needed to wear them, I felt uncomfortable and refused to put them on.
I will spare you the drama that ensued.

They just weren't what I thought they would be....they made me uncomfortable.

Same goes for this floral button up I found at Target a few weeks ago.
I got it on clearance, and although I am not a very "flowery" type of gal, I loved the color and the price and thought I could wear it.
When I thrifted this tweed blazer a few days later, I thought it was sweet serendipity that it matched so well.
How could it not be more perfect!
After wearing this to work all day yesterday, I felt increasingly uncomfortable as the day wore on.
The shirt was ill fitting as you moved in it.
And I decided I really don't like it as much as I thought I would.
I didn't even like the color as much after all.

At least I paid for this one Mom.

blazer: vintage, thrifted
shirt: mossimo, target
jeans: express
boots: nine west
ring: vintage, gifted


  1. I use to have moon boots too!!!! Only all the kids had them and I was more of a lemming than a leader. I also insisted on having a "sweater" winter jacket that really wasn't practical at all. The outer layer of the jacket was a knit sweater, and it lightly insulated but I insisted on wearing it and suffered. It was also white with a rainbow in the front. REAL practical for winter.

    I know that exact shirt you are wearing. There were a couple different cute floral prints. I love shirts like that but know I am not a real button down type gal. No matter how much I want to be, I never can pull it off. It LOOKS really good on you, though!
    Oh, and those boots!!!! They are great!

  2. Oh gosh, moon boots! I remember really wanting a pair, but growing up in Houston, it doesn't snow at all, so I never got around to getting any. Maybe it's for the better.

    And I totally understand what you mean about being uncomfortable in something you're wearing. It's a weird feeling. I tend to go from being uncomfortable to being angry at the clothing item in question, blaming it for all my worldly problems, haha! I do think that the shirt looks nice on you, though, especially with that blazer. And your shoes! I want them.

  3. haha! i love this story! i wish so much that you still had those boots hidden in a box somewhere in the attic. ;) i think you look lovely in this outfit...that shirt and those booties and that jacket...divine.

  4. awww i love this story too! unfortunately (or maybe luckily?) my parents never gave in!
    And I did also end up with some items I loved then did not wear anymore due to my small town's ignorance!
    The boots you are wearing here however.... these would have made you prom queen.


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