Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Week In Review

Sometimes life is really crazy.
Crazy busy, that is.

Balancing my home life with my work life can be exhausting.
For example, I was up at the crack of dawn Wednesday to hull and halve 4 quarts of strawberries for my daughter's school Thanksgiving breakfast.

my little "turkey" with her turkey

I was showered, dressed and at her school by 10am to help the little buggers make "turkey bagels".
When the party ended around 11, I rushed back home to bake my apple and pumpkin pies.
While the pies baked, I cleaned the house and finished laundry then it was off to work.

The day before Thanksgiving is not only busy, but we cannot leave until we are 100% ready to open the doors for Black Friday.
Which means I didn't get home until 3am Thanksgiving Day.
I have been coughing up a lung for over a week now, and felt horrible by the time I got home, so I popped some NyQuil and it was off to bed.
Too bad my daughter wanted me up only 5 hours later, not nearly enough time to sleep off the grogginess of the medicine.
I moved to the couch where I could resume sleeping and she could begin cartoon watching.

Three crazy weeks of corporate visits and really, really long hours had really taken it's toll on me physically.
I spent all day Thanksgiving on the couch in pj's, only getting up now and again to tend to my half hearted meal.

I was scheduled to work at 3am Black Friday and for the first time ever we were opening our store at midnight.
The mall wasn't officially opening until 4am, but we (along with a few other retailers) had agreed to open at 12.
I woke up at 11:30pm and texted my manager who was opening.
"Are people even there yet?" I asked.
"There are hundreds of people lined up outside our store!" she responded "They are screaming to me asking which gate I am going to open first!"
"I'm on my way!" was my reply.
Within 40 minutes I had showered, dressed and was on the road.
I arrived shortly after 1am and the line was already looped multiple times around the building.
It was madness!

(my mall! pic from

For the next 14 hours I provided line control on what ended up being a record breaking day.
My store finished in the top ten in our nation for sales volume! I was #9!
The results made all our hard work and my aching chest worth it...we were truly super stars!
Of course, at this point my voice was completely gone, and when I arrived home, changed right into pj's and reclaimed my spot on the couch.
Sleep, wake up, fall back asleep....story of my life lately!
Saturday it was back to work, same old same old!

Today I was off, my voice is not quite back and we had a christening to attend.
I begged the hubby to take a walk with me this morning.
He didn't think I should be out in such cold weather as sick as I have been.
But man, oh man, did the fresh, cold air feel good!

a peek through the brambles at the christmas tree farm down the road from my house!

After the walk it was home to get ready.
The christening and after party were held in the town neighboring our old one.
It was lovely sitting in the warm yacht club looking out over the chilly river.

the town we currently live in is right across the water

the bridge that takes you over to jersey shore land

Now that the craziest week of the year is over, I am looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine, good health (knock on wood!) and some outfit pictures!
Oh, and maybe a Christmas tree and some decorations too!


  1. Oh My GAWD. That is totally insane, those hours, a family, well you know my youngest is the same age as yours... I totally get how exhausted you must have been (Black Friday!)
    You are a trooper, and I hope the rest of the year is much easier for you.
    AND I have to say, I would have done the walk too, fresh air restores me better than sleep these days, but it is nice to have both... ;)

  2. First of all, what is wrong with people that they are already shopping at the mall that early! Holy cats!

    Congratulations on your record day! That's amazing. You must have had some great deals. I only ventured to a couple places Friday and the mall was not one of them. Sadly, the malls in Northern WI are not all that exciting. Since I didn't need anything at Sears, I stayed away.

    I hope you feel better. I can see how all the physical demands could take a toll on you. wow. Some nice fresh air and a "less" crazy schedule should help. Take care of yourself!

  3. Wow. I am speechless. You are such a rock star, mom, career woman, blogger, everything. Congratulations on your record day. I can't believe people were lining up that early. Glad you had a much deserved day off after all that. Take care of yourself. Love the photos of the woods


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