Monday, December 6, 2010

Black Tie Saturday

December 4th was being called "Black Tie Saturday" at work.
The company sent out a memo saying we could dress up in our very best and my employees loved the idea of it!
The guys were all chattering about how they were going to outdo the ladies and the ladies buzzing over how they were going to outdo the guys etc.
Such a fun vibe flowing through our store for days on end.
Of course, with my whole car debacle, I wasn't able to go into work on Friday and as I headed to my closets that night I remembered this whole Black Tie thing.
And I had a sequin dress hanging on the hold bar at work that I was going to buy to wear.
I frantically called work to see when the next manager after me would be in...
Would it be early enough to ring me up so I could be a quick change artist?
Naturally, I have plenty of fancy party dresses that I could wear, but none are made by the company I work for, and as the boss lady, I felt I should be wearing something current from the brand.
This is not mandatory, but with my team all buying dresses and suit jackets and vests and ties, what was I going to represent?
In a panic, I wracked my brain for a solution to this problem.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had purchased this gold and black lace skirt and had yet to wear it.
Clutching it, I stood in front of the closets and pondered....
Threw it down on the bed with this top, then that top....
Then as a longshot I grabbed this sequin tank I use as a layering piece all.the.time.
I actually loved the contrast of the sequins and lace with some kind of blazer it would be perfection!Finally, I realized I had a black velvet one I bought a year or so ago on clearance that I have never worn.
And a pin that matched all the pieces too!

The whole thing came together wonderfully, and the day was so much fun!
The guys took it to a whole other level, with one of them wearing a full suit!
I took pictures of all of them decked out in their finest for our bulletin boards and I wanted to share one with you all.
My temporary sales lead for holiday (who knows how to rock the house!), Deandra.
She is also a blogger!
She writes the blog Living Life In Leopard.
Check her out...she is quite the fashion diva herself!
(excuse the ladder in the background...lightbulbs gotta be changed you know!)

blazer: ny&co
tank, skirt, pin & earrings: express
shoes: style & co

deandra's dress is express too!


  1. The combination of lace, sequin, and velvet looks so rich and festive. Very black tie appropriate. But I can relate about first thinking about buying something new when a special event comes up and wanting to run out last minute to pick something out. But with a closet like yours, I knew you could find something equally as special!

    I'm going to check out Deandra's blog now!

  2. something must be wrong with tumblr, can't access her blog :( I'll check back later.

  3. Way to pull out a winner at the last minute. Very lux. And I love the idea of getting your staff to dress supa fancy. I am asking guests to dress up for the NYE party I am hosting and people are all up in a tizzy. Sorry... rant. Must stop.
    Had to laugh at your comment about using your kids'cheap labour. I won't tell...


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