Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Happy Christmas, I Love You Baby....

Christmas is not my favorite holiday.
There, I said it.
In fact, as of right this minute, I have not bought a single present nor have a single decoration up in my house.
I really don't have any desire or urgency to shop or decorate either.
Which makes my husband very sad and frustrated with me.

Once upon a time I loved Christmas.
My husband actually proposed to me Christmas morning 10 years ago this very year.
I ripped the paper off of a very large box which turned out to have a picture of a stainless steel garbage can on it.
A garbage can?
As a present?
I looked at him quizzically and opened the top of the box.
Helium balloons came flying out and since my house at the time had cathedral ceilings, I frantically started grabbing for the strings lest they fly away to unreachable heights.
As the strings slid between my fingers, there was something tied to the bottom of one of them.
I looked down and it was a gorgeous platinum and diamond ring from the 1930's.
I looked up and my husband was grinning like mad through teary eyes.
And then he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.
And of course I said yes!

Flash foward 10 years and our shopping lists have grown smaller since most people have decided all that present buying is just too much.
Everyone has moved farther away and sometimes trying to get together is too complicated and impossible to coordinate.
Spending an hour or two together before people dash off to their next stop.
And there is always that one person who is miserably ungrateful for any gift you buy them and you really never want to give them anything again.
And having to hang out with people you really care for, just to be with the people you really want to be with.

There are so many wonderfully beautiful times all year spent with the people I love most.
Times we laugh our heads off til tears are rolling down our cheeks.
Times when my heart feels so full of love and contentment looking around me that it could almost burst.
Memories of sweet times that happen every month but December.
In my eyes it's almost become a forced obligation, this whole Christmas thing.
Forced to wheel and deal time to be together instead of just naturally getting together because we miss each other.
And that's not even going into this whole "gift" thing.
The toys that pile up because the commercials make them look like the best thing in the world to play with.
Toys that will hardly be touched a few days after they are unwrapped.
Money wasted.

My wish for Christmas would be small and simple.
Playing board games and baking cookies while wearing pj's Christmas Eve.
Nothing major under the tree on a quiet Christmas morning and spending time watching movies together all day snuggled up under blankets on the couch.
Then, in January, meeting up somewhere with the people I love most.
A snowy cabin somewhere wonderful, cozy with fireplaces and days filled with snowboarding and nights filled with togetherness.
The laughter and love that make being together so important.
And no obligation to do so....
Just the desire to make memories as one.

That is my wish for Christmas this year.

sweater: limited
skirt: vintage,thrifted
necklaces: ny&co
boots: style&co


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  2. Your Christmas wish sounds wonderful. I love Christmas, though, and it sounds not like you dislike Christmas, but you dislike what Christmas has become. I love giving gifts, but I also hate feeling obliged to give them to people I don't want to give them to. Luckily, that isn't really too much of an issue anymore.

    I love the cowl neck sweater, and the skirt is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  3. Your post was so beautiful. It almost made me cry. If you ever get out of retail, you should seriously consider writing.

  4. I think we all get too caught up in the consumerism aspect of the holidays (uh yeah, how many "presents" have I already bought myself, uh huh) that we forget to just enjoy the time.

    I decorated the mantel this year and am sharing gifts with my immediate family, but that is about it. That's all I need for my holidays!

  5. Love your label for this post! And great outfit to boot!

  6. i know. i totally know. that's one reason why we don't do santa in our house because i don't want my son feeling like he has something coming to him, like he deserves it. sometimes, it's just too much. i'd rather focus on us as a family than deal with the stress of the perfect gift. christmas is so much more than stuff! but i do love your skirt and the gorgeous color of your sweater :)


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