Thursday, December 30, 2010

Through Pop's Eyes

I had the immense pleasure of having my 89 year old grandfather spend Christmas here with us.
Only in the past 5 of my 37 years I have I not regularly shared Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with this man.
To be able to have him here is an emotional thing that I can barely put words to.

I also learned some very important lessons from him this past week.
What I witnessed was someone who appreciates every single thing in his life whether great or small.
He would sit in my family room in my big ole chair and a half reading a novel and look up occasionally, peering over his glasses, and announce,
"This is just so wonderful!"
Every meal he eats, he savors and enjoys and tells all who are within earshot,
"This is delicious!"
As he made his way slowly through my home the last day he was here, he kept saying,
"This has been just so wonderful! You have such a beautiful home....this has just been so wonderful.
What a wonderful time I have had!"

No Pops, it is you that has truly made this Christmas wonderful.
And the best gift you could have given me this holiday was the realization that I need to slow it down and appreciate the small things in this life.
The serenity of warmth of my home.
The meals that are always on our table.
And the joy of just being.
Being with each other.

I love you Pops.
Merry Christmas


  1. How wonderful for you! I am sure this will be a treasured memory that you will remember forever.

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

  2. What a great pic of the two of you. I agree with him, there's no place like home.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Awww! What a precious grandpa! He is more than a glass-half-full man; his cup overfloweth. You are most fortunate to have him in your life.

  4. You reminded me of how much I am blessed! Thank you for this post as it really touched me.

  5. oh how i love this post and that picture. nothing beats waking up with your family on Christmas. Especially Pops.


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