Saturday, December 11, 2010

UnderCover Treasure

Do you know what I love more than having a little "me" time to meander through my favorite thrift stores?
Finding that diamond in the rough, that's what!

I was immediately drawn to this sweater for it's soft palette of neutral colors.
Once I touched it, I knew it was most likely cashmere and once I inspected it for stains and any other damages (None! Woo~hoo!)
I knew it was coming home with me!

The sweater is definitely vintage as could be seen from the outdated and slightly yellowed label.
Handmade in Wales by a company named Corgi.
100% cashmere as I suspected.
I was tickled pink scoring such a pretty, well made item until later that evening when I was online ordering the husband some sweaters from JCrew.
As I scrolled throught the accessories (hubs needs a new wallet) I came across these:

Socks made by Corgi?
The font of this company's name is the same as my sweater?
Some quick googling and here is what I uncovered:
"Family owned and operated for 5 generations, this small Welsh company is famous for it's hand finished and smart looking socks and they have a Royal Warrant from HRH Prince of Waled to prove it!"*
(*from jcrew's website)

They were awarded this honor in 1989.
Patrons of this company include many of the world's finest luxury boutiques, The Royal Family, the entire British Military, JCrew and now Eleanor from NJ.

Exciting, eh?

P.S. Their cashmere socks retail at about $100 a pair. Can you imagine how much my $5 sweater would have been????

sweater: corgi, thrifted
skirt: ny & co


  1. I just started reading your blog a few days ago...and just love it. I do most of my clothes-shopping in thrift stores...and it is sooo rewarding when a treasure is your sweater.

  2. Great find! It's fun to research labels and yours is especially interesting.

  3. Eleanor, I LOVE these pictures - I can SEE you so clearly in them!! Please keep doing whatever you are doing with the lighting or settings!

    - Tessa


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