Sunday, January 31, 2010

girls just want to have fun

In honor of my dearest friend Ashely, who just happens to be Miss New Jersey and competed in Miss America, I had to throw a party and cheer her on from home. And what better excuse do you have to get dressed up! I made sashes for everyone, made it an "evening wear" theme and busted out my senior prom dress(yes i still fit into it, i actually think i look better in it now then i did my senior year)!

Miss New Jersey, I couldnt be happier and more proud of her!
A dream come true!

my loves

from left to right:

Miss I Saw the Sign, Miss Panty Queen, Miss Metamorphosis, Miss Lemon, and Miss Grandma

Girls just want to have fun

and we sure did!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I thrifted this sweater this week and couldn't wait to wear it.

I love the assymetrical neckline, and it was perfect paired with denim shorts and tights.

Too bad I had to wait until denim weekend at work to wear it.

stripe top: thrifted
denim shorts:ny&co

from work to a night out

Wednesday I had to work in another store, it just so happened to be in the mall that one of my best friends works in. That just gave us an excuse to plan a night out after work, its been so hard seeing each other since we both work crazy retail hours.
I needed an outfit that would be appropriate for both work and play. Remember that tunic that i recently blogged about, well when i saw it I instantly thought it would be best with a boyfriend jacket and leggings. So my next mission was to find a boyfriend jacket...
I've had a really hard time trying to find a boyfriend jacket, since I'm really short alot of them didn't fit me right and didn't look proportioned to me. But i found this one at ATL, and it has a belt that you can tie in the back for a shape rather then just hanging straight (which is what I needed) it was perfect! and on sale! how could i pass it up?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Vision Quest

With my love for all things 80's, (note title of post) finding this crop sweater was a sheer delight for me.

I knew the moment I saw it that the only proper way to wear it, would be off one shoulder, pure Flashdance style.

After wearing this pegged trousers, I decided that I could very well pack away all my "basic" pants for some other season.

All I want is "novelty" pants...paper bag waisted,pleat front,harem,skinny leg...and if I do pack all my boring pants up...oh, the closet space I will have!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True...

My friends who shall remain nameless (Steph & Ang) have been laughing at me for months as I rummage through all the glitzy,fancy dresses in the thrift stores.
I long for a Dynasty-era dress that screams 80's excess.
But I have said I would settle for an amazing sequined top as well.
And I have been looking for such a top since September.
One that I can dress up with jeans and sky high slingback stilettos.
You know, to wear to a PTO meeting, or Girl Scouts or some other mommy function.
Or not.
I found my dream top on Tuesday...for only $6.
I think it was handcrafted for fits me so perfectly...
So go ahead and laugh you two...but me and my sequins will be living happily ever after.
I think I have died and gone to heaven...a really glitzy,sparkly heaven.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Schoolboy Nonsense

I wore my newly acquired Schoolboy blazer to work today.
I adore the pinstripe lining in the cuffs.
It will look amazing with jeans, chinos, shorts, and almost everything else I own.
Today it debuted with a time? Who knows?
Schoolboy blazer, get ready to be used, abused, loved and adored.
And worn incessantly.
schoolboy blazer: ny&co
ruffle top: jcrew
khaki skirt: max studio
scarf:charlotte russe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grocery Getter

Typical day off today.
Drop the little one at her school and then off to the grocery store.
I used to call station wagons grocery getters when I was a teen.
Now that I drive a Subaru Outback, and do the food shopping, I suppose the term relates to me on more than one level.
When the weather is at least in the 40's here, I try to avoid a coat when out shopping.
I layered a basic white long sleeve tee under a pinstriped tuxedo jacket I have had for years.
A scarf for added warmth (and style) and silver satin ballerina flats with my flare leg jeans and I was in and out of the food store in no time.
Good thing, because that gave me 2 hours to hit the thrift stores before my oldest got home.
You won't believe the things I found today!!!
long sleeve tee and jeans: limited
pinstripe jacket: bcbg
scarf & ballerinas: ny&co
chain bag: thrifted

Monday, January 25, 2010

shopping makes me happy

i have definetly scratched the shopping itch..and with giftcards from christmas, i barely had to
break my own bank...which makes it so much better!

a new spring floorset and an extra 15% at work, means happy shopping to me....

here's what i got from New York & Company:

destroyed boyfriend chino
fits perfect! so good that i had to get them in two colors...light grey and khaki

two must have colors for spring!

denim was love at first sight

cropped sweater in a light grey...pair it with dark skinny jeans, black long tank, and black boots

sequined cotton tunic...cant wait to wear it with leggings and a boyfriend jacket

and from ann taylor loft:

ruffle detailed jacket
no explantions needed, its speaks for itself

I thought i made out good...what do you think? Leave me some love

<3 Steph

Just A Gray Day

It monsooned here in NJ today.

All while being a balmy 55 degrees.

Nonetheless, I donned this winter white mini and a short sleeve gray turtleneck that I always seem to forget I own, and when I rediscover it in the closets...well, it's like Christmas morning here each and every time!

I love these black and gray patterned tights...

I am really living outside of myself with these two minis I have purchased...but change is always good, no?

sweater: red label collection ny&co
soho mini,woven belt and patterned tights all: ny&co
booties: style&co

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chambray Day

I woke up with 20 minutes to get out the door to work this morning.


Does not bode well for my day...

Luckily, I worked out late last night, so I showered right before I went to bed.
I would normally shower again in the morning, but being so pressed for time, it was a relief that I could bypass something.

I grabbed my new chambray shirt, and just threw on chocolate brown leggings and my suede Coach boots.
No ironing needed...and not much thought involved = perfection!

My necklace from Banana and a big chunky gold bangle and I still accessorized myself.

When I work on weekends, my whole family is still tucked in their beds sleeping away when I leave in the morning.
I don't see them until I get home.

Tonight my husband looked at my necklace with a quizzical look then looked at me with an evil smile.

"Flavor - Flav!!!" he yelled out with great amusement and satisfaction.

Thanks - how many other people thought I was channeling a decrepit rapper today?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Friday started extra discount week for the employees at work.

That means a cool 55% off ticket and can be combined with any promotions!!

Sweet, right?

Since I have paid off three credit cards in the past month... and still have a few to go...I knew I must be selective and controlled with any purchasing I do...and pay cash to boot.

So here's what I am loving right now:

This romper in a dark denim wash. Love it Love it Love it. But let's be real for a second. I am 36 years old so the chance if it looking ridiculous on me is pretty good, and even if I can pull it off, how many times I am wearing something like this?
Going to pass on this one.

This ruched side,tye dye tunic. Hate tye dye, but actually love the silhouette of this. Really can only be worn with leggings, but it looks comfy,sexy, and all over a great statement piece.
I just feel like I would wear it once or twice and then next year look at it and say "What the hell was I thinking?!?!?"

Schoolboy blazer in dark denim wash. Has a pinstriped lining not visible in this pic, that is blue and white and totally to die for.
Do I need another "navy" blazer?
Hell's yeah! I bought it today!
Fits amazingly like JCrew's and at $59.95 full ticket...a great deal.
Sidenote: Will never wear with anything like shown in pic. Yuck.

This one speaks for itself.
I love you boyfriend shirt and that is why I made you mine today.

Denim shorts to wear with tights?
These were a great fit, and I have been dying for a pair of denim ones since I have worn the hell out of my wool tweed ones I scored at Gap.
Also became mine today.

Oh, little crop sweater, how I love you as well!
I can't wait to wear you off one shoulder in true Flashdance style...with my pleated harem pants...maybe my Michael Kors shoes...I will probably wear you on Monday you cute little thing,you!

I'll never understand why I am so drawn to the one style of pants that is probably the least flattering. But how I love pleated trousers! Really, I do!
I will try these on, maybe tomorrow.

New pant for the company, this side zipped ankle is amazing!
I adore ankle pants since I am only 5'1 and that means they fit me just right!
And I love the way a side zip flatters the waist and hips.
Trying this one on too.

I bought the blazer,crop sweater,chambray shirt, and shorts today. I feel like I made good choices to freshen up my wardrobe with some new spring items.

Your thoughts?

Friday, January 22, 2010

i've got the blues...

lately i have choosen comfort over fashion
but today...i woke up feeling good and wanting to get back into
my style...perhaps, it was my day out with eleanor yesterday that inspired me
to get back into the groove...thanks el!

blue tunic from ny&co, paired with black leggings,
and my favorite black suede boots.
necklace compliments to angela! i borrowed it and have
"forgotten" to return it..haha!

please excuse my unmaid bed...
no time to make it pretty before work

i'm feeling the shopping itch...majorly!
since i dont have to be at work until 2 tomorrow...
i think i will be waking up early and doing some shopping before hand!

..i'll be sharing my goodies, dont worry..