Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slow On The Draw

This was my OOTD from Thursday, the day the last storm began. I still had to go into work, so I opted for pants and "sensible" shoes.

Since last week I wore my Michael Kors snake heels and wiped out flat on my ass on my way into work.

My pride was hurt more than my butt.

I actually sell these pants at work, and never looked at them twice until I saw them on another blog called Saucy Glossie.

They looked fabulous on Lindsay, and I tried them on the next time I went in.

As you can see, I ended up buying them! I love the way the cargo pockets protrude from the pants when they are on.

The top was thrifted a month or so ago...remember?

And you will not believe how many people stopped me to comment on it!

If it wasn't to admire it, then it was to ask me if we sell it at work.

If they only knew I paid only $2 for it!

This is another angle of my husband's "man room"/ our home office.

I filled these two bookcases (that I got for free! from a former employer) with his collection of pint glasses and other assorted objects he loves.

And a leather man cave is complete without a leather recliner!

cargo pants:ny&company
bauble bracelet:jcrew
sensible boots:kenneth cole

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rain, Rain You Can Stay As Long As You Take The Snow Away

This was actually my OOTD from Tuesday. I paired my denim boyfriend shirt with a girly skirt I have had forever and a sequin tee underneath for a little glitz and glamour.
My boyfriend shirt is, well, so boyfriendish, that I needed to put a belt on it or I looked like a sloppy mess. I also had on tights with a great chevron design that turned out to look like solid black tights once on my legs. Disappointing to say the least.

I'm a little behind this week...Tuesday was the kickoff of a huge promo at work which is always all-consuming, not to mention that we had yet another monster storm tear through NY and NJ Thursday into Friday with blizzard like conditions.

Fun times that afford for lots of blogging.

Or not.

I started these photos outdoors, but then the rain turned torrential, so I headed inside.
This was what I was wearing to work and could not afford, time-wise, to get rain soaked.

This was also how my backyard looked prior to the most recent blizzard which dumped about another 5-6 inches on top.

I think the forces of nature are just trying to prep me for our impending move to Maine.

Or not.

In other news, I won an ebay auction for a vintage Kenar military shirtdress from the 80's and it arrived today!!!!

Oh, and I won it for 99 cents.

Yes, that is right...I said 99 cents.

As it would turn out, I will have to have it altered/shortened because I look like a member of the Duggar family as it is.

I'm still not sure whether the shoulder pads will stay or go, but since I have everything tailored right where I work, I can show it to Angela and get her opinion.
And she will surely enjoy seeing me look like a Duggar.

boyfriend shirt:ny&company
sequin shirt:ny&company
skirt:nyc design company

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Style Icon Mom

I love looking through old pictures of my mother. She was quite stylish in a very timeless, classic way.
Yet, she could still be very avaunt garde, like when she returned from Paris with the latest, up the millisecond hairdo that no one Stateside had seen yet. Tre chic!

Mom has always been conservative, almost preppy in style. She always favored pieces that looking at today, are still quite relevant.
Big sunglasses
Simple strand of pearls
Trench with striped sweater layered underneath and a timeless pair of pants
Super adorable baby? Oh, that's just me! (Besides a cute baby on your hip never goes out of style!)

We learn and live our own lives influenced by the way we were brought up.
Mom is no exception.

Leave the house without your hair and makeup done?


Sweatpants worn as an outfit?

Not in her book! Those clothes are for lounging,sleeping or exercising!

I dress every day of my life because that is the way I was raised.

To take pride in the way you look. To know that the first impression you give, is how you have presented yourself.

Mom has also taught me valuable lessons on how to live. She was raised by parents who understood the meaning of "life" and how to take pleasures in the simple things.

Enjoying the people around you.

Recognize the beauty in everything, be it the sky, the fresh air, or the beauty you have created in your home.

Good food.

Dinner was an hours long ordeal that began with cocktails and hors deuvres, a time to relax and enjoy each others company.

The table was always "dressed" even if it was just the kitchen table, and that is where the family would sit to eat.No TV watching in our family!

On Sundays, we would dress up in our finest, go to church and always eat dinner in the dining room. Fancy china was always par for the course!

Holidays? Always dressed up even if we were staying home.

So thanks Mom...for these things you taught me. I hope my children take these simple pleasures and teach their own families how to enjoy them.

it's official!

Okay ladies...I have booked my wedding venue and a date..
I will become Stephanie Merritt on May 13, 2011.
I cannot describe how happy I am to say that! Its true when they say that you always goes back to first thing you fall in love with, and in this case i fell in love with The Palace at Somerset Park.

and I really have to brag about my negotiating skills.
I never knew i had them but let me tell you i have and will continue to use them throughout this whole wedding planning process.

I've also decided to start a book...where I write down all my experiences, ideas, tips and then have that to pass down to all my friends and then one day to our children. One day it will be generations full of everything you need to know to plan a wedding.
Leave me some love...any advice? good websites? any connections?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What a pleasant surprise to log online ysterday morning and see that one of my bestie blog friends, Pamela over at Ginger Girl had given us girls the Happy 101 Award!

Thanks Pam!!!

Pam was one of the first regular visitors to our humble little blog always leaving sweet comments. In fact, Steph and I journeyed over to the Jersey Shore House really in part because I knew Pam would get such a kick out of seeing us standing in front of it. Pam is definitely someone who makes me happy!

Now, I must share with you 10 things that make me no particular order, here we go:

1. My kids. Even when my 7 year old walks in on me getting out of the shower (yesterday) and says things like, "Gosh Mom, you have a really huge butt!" Against my better judgement, I still love her anyway!

2. My hubby. We have been together 10 years this year and married 9. There is no one else in this world I would want to grow old with - and I knew the first time we kissed that he was my "lobster". He faithfully reads my two blogs almost everyday even though he is not a fan of reading in general. That's devotion!

3. Fashion, obviously. I mean, I wouldn't be here if I didn't. And take a look, will you, at how long I have loved fashion:

Rocking socks with clogs in the late 70's - I fought my mom tooth and nail to buy me those clogs - and I won!!!

Sporting colored (purple!) skinny jeans and graphic tees in the early 80's - so my t-shirt says NJ I was the only kid sporting one which means "individualistic" or "fashion maverick" ok, maybe not!

Layering 2 button ups, collars popped and double layered bead necklaces?!?!? I rocked at Disney in the mid 80's!!!

4. Other bloggers and blogging in general. I'm not a super sappy gal, but I really do heart you all!

5. Routine. I'm a total OCD, control freakish sorta person and schedule and routine in my daily life are integral to my mental health. Weird, I know.

6. Thrift stores. Another woman's trash is definitely my treasure.

7. Maine. My favorite place to be with my family. Cannot wait to live there, just need my oldest to graduate high school. 3 more years and counting...

8. Gin and Tonic. Yum Yum Yum. Make it Bombay Sapphire or Hendrickson's and I'm in heaven.

9. The Office. I love you Jim Halpert! And Michael Scott, you remind me every day of what not to do as the boss!

10. Getting new issues of my favorite magazines in the mail. It's like Christmas morning when my new Vogue, Harper's etc. arrive!

There you have it.
I could continue, but I am only supposed to name 10.

Now here are 10 bloggers I am tagging in return:

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Dreamt About You Last Night

I saw these shoes at my local Target store last Sunday. They didn't have my size, and yet after I left, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Thus, I spent the week going from Target to Target to find them in my size.

To no success.

While focusing on how much I wanted them, I assembled this outfit in my mind.

Then Thursday night my kids asked to run to Target to spend their VDay gift cards from my mom.

Voila! A pair in my size!

I couldn't wait to put this outfit together and was really happy with the result. The denim jacket and the skirt are both over 5 years old and yet they are still always current to my wardrobe.

The beaded bracelet is really a necklace I just wrapped around and around my wrist - I do this quite often, and this one was perfect because the beads are gray and pale yellow.

I love my new love love!

denim jacket:dkny
stripe bateau tee:jcrew
satin pleat skirt:inc
shoes:target, obviously
bracelet (necklace):ny and company

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Suited

I hemmed and hawed over purchasing this thrifted jacket.

It has such a strong,bold shape that I instantly fell in love with, yet wasn't sure exactly how I would wear it.

For the $5 price tag, I decided I would figure it out later.

My inspiration came from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. She posted pics of herself at NYC Fashion Week and wore an all black ensemble with a pair of "saddle brown" shoes and matching handbag.

She looked amazing - (well, duh, she is like super hot and always looks amazing!) and I loved how unexpected the brown and black together was.

My wheels were turning from there, and I love how the belt brought down some of the sharp edges off of the jacket making it more wearable (in my opinion).

I think that is the trick to styling alot of vintage clothing - especially when the designs are bold like 80's apparel - how can you make it work for today, while still preserving the integrity of the design?

Not always successful with this, but today I think I did ok .

*sidenote: I was heading out the door to work - I don't really hang out inside my house with sunglasses on!

ruffle blouse:loft
slim ankle pants:ny&company
boots:nine west
earrings and sunglasses:limited

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take A Good Look At Me Now

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in NJ.This girl grew up in an area that was overrun with big "poofy" hair and guys who worried about the 3 important things in life, gym, tans and laundry. This girl liked the guys who wore "guyliner" long before the Madden brothers were known to all of society and Adam Lambert was still wearing diapers. She drooled over posters of Robert Smith and thought Morrissey was one of the smartest men that had ever lived.

She didn't quite fit in with all the "regular" kids at school, because she didn't wear Jordache jeans or wigwams.
She looked like this instead:

Instead of shopping at the mall, she visited thrift stores and cut and sewed and altered all of her own outfits. She considered Vivienne Westwood, Betsy Johnson and Jean Paul Gaultier to be the masters of fashion design and dreamed of going to FIT in NYC so she too could work in fashion and maybe, just maybe,be as cool as them.

Then she decided that she should travel first, before committing to furthering her education, and spent quite a bit of time all over Europe. She spent a few weeks backpacking throughout Ireland with her then also punk rock fiancee, and when she came home she discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a strange hybrid of a child

Seriously, who hates his moms guts right now?

who, as it would turn out, loves punk rock and all things "alternative" as much as his mom and dad once did. I guess that should come as no surprise, since when he was quite small, his mother still rocked a nose ring and partially shaved head.

The girl and her little boy grew up together, in some respects, and she took him to cool places like London on vacations and since it ended up just being the two of them on their own,she made sure they had tons of fun together.

After a while, the girl had started to look much more like a hippie, she grew her hair super long and straight and wore crazy sunglasses with colored lenses. Not her best look by any means.

Eventually she fell in love with a great guy who skateboarded and snowboarded his way right into her heart and they were married within a year and a half of dating. They wanted to have a baby right away so the boy, who was almost 8 years old would have a sibling to grow up with.
They ended up having a sometimes sweet little girl and live happily together not far from where people still obsess over gyms,tanning and laundry and still make big poofs in their hair.

Some things will never change.

This girl, however, has changed in her appearance quite drastically since the good ole days.

And although she does work with fashion, her job is not quite as fabulous as she once imagined it being.

But she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The End.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Best Thing About The Garden State

Other than rudeness, our "accents" (you know, the way we say caw-fee instead of coffee), miles and miles of urban highway (aka:the NJ Turnpike) and The Sopranos...NJ is known for something not many other states can boast about.

Our pizza.

If you have ever had NY/NJ pizza, I am certain you can attest to its deliciousness and the fact that you can only get pizza that tastes this way in either NY or NJ.

Any relative who has moved to another state from Jersey always has to have pizza at least once when they come to visit.

It is literally nirvana.

Just see for yourself:

Yummy, right?

Monday, February 15, 2010


I am on the hunt for a fitted fatigue jacket.

I bought this one at Gap Kids last summer. It was only $9 and fit me, so I couldn't pass it up.

But I am ready to upgrade to a newer version.

More snow possible here tonight.


I love snow, but this year, it's outta control!

Major Snowstorms that hit NJ: 3

Inches of snow currently on the ground: about 16

Times I have been snowboarding this year: 0

This is a very sad ratio.

fatigue jacket and hoodie underneath:gap
pin tucked tunic: new york and company
suede boots: coach

blue handbag: limited

Sunday, February 14, 2010

NYC Couture Fashion Week

On me:
BCBG dress
ATL boyfriend jacket and jewelery
Calvin Klein ankle booties

me and my bestest.
i dressed her as well...

work it girl

strike a pose

Some of my favorite pieces...

I had an AMAZING NIGHT...not to mention we rubbed elbows with someone who worked there and got to see two shows!
opinions? would love your feedback!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We spent our afternoon out and about with the kids.

Taking them out to lunch and to Best Buy so they could spend some of the money they seem to have burning holes in their pockets.

I wore this tweed jacket I bought 6 or 7 years ago with a plain grey long sleeve tee underneath.

I looped some of my favorite necklace strands around, but still felt like I needed a little something else. This silk scarf seemed to do the trick!

I love the way the yellow and taupe in the scarf contrasted the blue and taupe tweed in the jacket. Blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combos, especially in interior design. As far as apparel is concerned, a pair of bootcut jeans and my scuffed up boots that I am clearly loving too death and I was all set.

The sunlight and snow make an amazing backdrop for picture taking...however, after about 5 minutes I was freezing and had to take the tripod back inside.

I hope you are all enjoying your V-Day and spending it with those you love!

tweed jacket:view
silk scarf:banana republic
jeans:ny and company
boots:enzo angiolini