Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Dressing

Last summer I purchased a few tunics at JCrew and lived in them almost daily. Paired with chinos, bermuda shorts, skinny ankle name it, and those tops went with everything.
Wearing them put a lot of my belts to good use as well. Worn bloused out over looked and felt carefree.
Like summer should feel.

I bought this denim tunic this winter. Right after the holidays when the first peek of spring begins to hit the stores.
Looking at it, I knew it had possibilities...but it is definitely a love it or hate it top.
Personally, I love it.
And have been dying to wear it.

I wore this to work on Saturday where I had the most surreal experience.
An adorable young woman asked me if I was Shopping The Closet!
It took me by surprise so much that I felt like I was stumbling over my words.
It made me feel great to meet someone who reads this blog!
Especially since she was lovely and sweet.
So Kat, I would love to give you the names and addresses of the thrift/consignment stores I frequent, just email me at!
It was so lovely to meet you!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.
As for me, I have only today is back to work tomorrow!

tunic,chino's and belt: ny&co
thong heels: ralph lauren
bangles: jcrew
ring: charlotte russe

Friday, May 28, 2010

She Giveth And She Taketh

On Wednesday morning I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops to drop off a bag of stuff.
I had watched Hoarders on Monday night while laying in bed with the hubs and got a slight feeling of anxiety when I compared my quantities of clothing and accessories to these people.
My stuff is neat and organized, with the exception of a few items I can't find room for.
And that's what gave me the anxiety.

Could that be me someday???

I cleaned and organized kids rooms and my attic on Tuesday afternoon and really tried to edit down some of the masses.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Wednesday I ran the bag in, never even taking off my sunglasses.
As I placed it on the floor in the backroom, Jen, the wonderful woman that manages the shop said "Check out the racks. I have Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, Zac Posen and Burberry out there."

You know what I did, right?
I mean, I don't have to explain how I first searched the dress rack, then moved onto the...because you just know how I am.

I found an animal print knit vneck top by D&G and this orange silk shell by Christian Dior.

I passed on the Burberry (a polo shirt) and skipped the bottoms racks entirely since truth be told, I was on my way to a 1st grade picnic.

This blazer is similar to a JCrew one that was sold very recently. Yet mine was a fraction of the price.
I knew the shell would look great with the silk scarf I use as a belt in the summertime.

Oh, and I just won an ebay auction for a great blouse from MouseVox Vintage.

Maybe I will be a hoarder after all.

blazer: ny&co
shell: christian dior
jeans: express
shoes: nine west
silk scarf: ?
bracelets: jcrew and assorted bangles
coral ring: jcrew

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GoodWill Hunting

*note to self:high waisted pleat front pants do not make for good seated pictures. you look like you have saggy crotch.
A few weeks ago, I noticed a GoodWill store not too far from my home.
I had never shopped in one, but hear about the amazingly low,low prices from other bloggers and have been meaning to finally get around to checking it out.
I stopped by Tuesday after dropping the last kid at school and the dog at the groomers.
My heart sunk when I walked in and saw a bazillion long,straight racks.
I detest shopping like that.
I actually almost cried when I realized that nothing was sized and is just merchandised by color and classification.
Who has hours and hours to rummage like that?
Certainly not me!
I mean, I was putting off scrubbing bathrooms to be here...these kind of trips need to be swift and efficient!
Being the true thrift lover that I am, I actually did start out rummaging rack by rack but when I reached the end of the tether that holds my patience together, I abandoned the thorough hunting and started skimming the aisles for fabrics that caught my eye.
Are you surprised that this blouse did?
For $3.99 it was a steal.
And I felt satisfied that my GoodWill hunting did not leave me emptyhanded.
blouse: thrifted carol little
high waisted pleat front pants: ny & co
necklace: inherited from my grandma mee-mee
bracelet: tiffany's
ring: christmas gift from hubs many moons ago
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Open Letter To JCrew

Dear JCrew,

Just when I have spent almost 5 whole months with a zero balance on my JCrew card, you have to go and put out more of your "new arrivals" .

Well thanks a lot.

For months I have been able to shrug off all of your tempting emails and catalogs with superhuman strength.

And I almost deleted your email yesterday, but since I have been able to resist you so well I dared to take a peek.

And now I don't think my life will ever be complete unless I have that caftan and blazer.

Like, tomorrow.

I must ask how you can live with yourselves, dangling such finery in the face of such a feeble shopaholic?

If my marriage ends in divorce, I'm blaming you.


P.S> I really want the booties and tunic as well, but I can't press my luck.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Personal Best

Some days it seems that the sun, moon and all the stars align and you just feel good.

I'd even go so far as to say, damn good.

Not even just mentally or physically, but even what you are wearing feels great.

That is how I felt all day Saturday.

I worked a mid shift (11:30-8) and after having some wardrobe issues while getting ready, decided to just keep it simple and throw this outfit together.

The blazer I bought when spring items of 2007 just started coming out.

And I just took the tags off it to wear it for the first time yesterday.

And I have another one in a great green color...tags still attached, of course!

See, it's a good thing I hang on to stuff! You never know when it might come in handy!

A simple white button up, blazer and jeans is clearly one of the most timeless looks possible.

Adding a scarf for some color, some gold heels and hoops since it is warm and lovely outside and to me they scream Summer! and simply brushing my hair back into a bun at the nape of my neck made it my own.

No overthinking, just clean and simple.


And a look that just feels right.

jeans and scarf: express
blazer: ny & co
button up: limited
earrings: ?
heels: bandolino

big,navy cocktail ring: target

Thursday, May 20, 2010

With A Dot Dot Here, And A Dot Dot There...

here a dot

there a dot

everywhere a dot,dot...

I am still obsessed with polka dots, and I don't seem to see an end to my infatuation coming anytime soon.

When I accidentally spotted how fabulously this trio of dots went together ~ another ensemble was born!

Wish me luck...I am entering one (or two) of these photos in The Glamourai's polka dot ensemble contest...

I know I have gushed about her here but she is my all time favorite girl crush after all.

I'd love to hear what photo (s) you think I should submit!

skirt,scarf,cami: limited

denim jacket: so old, who knows!

shoes: bandolino

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Treasure Trove

I have felt quite uninspired the past few days.
Thus no posts.

The weather has been dull and rainy and cold enough that I had to switch the heat back on in the house.

Hot to cold like this really cramps my style...literally...and leaves me feeling quite blase to tell the truth.

Having caught up on all housework and laundry and doing my food shopping on Sunday had left today wide open for what can only be called a true day off.

So naturally, I did what I like to do best.

I thrifted for about 3 hours.

First stop turned up a non-vintage dress that I really love and couldn't bear to leave without. I found an adorable vintage romper with sailboats on it that would be perfect if I had an Etsy shop or the likes. But since I do not, I left it behind. A 36 year old wearing a sailboat romper with ruffles might just be the biggest fashion faux paux of the year.

I even carried around a taupe and cream polka dot one piece zip up with palazzo style pants (and a matching kerchief!) since finding an item that outrageously vintage is not common around here.

But realizing that running around in the burbs wearing something that outlandishly vintage (and loud) would create the second largest faux paux, I passed on that one as well.

(Steph, I know you are sighing with relief!)

My second stop only turned up a gorgeous,vintage short sleeve sweater on sale for $1! I already have an outfit planned around it and can't wait to wear it.

I swung over to one of my favorite haunts to scrounge around and chat with the lovely woman that manages the shop.

As I was peering into her jewelry case she informed me to high tail it to the back of the store where there were baskets and baskets of vintage purses!

Of course I obeyed instantly, and found another woman on her hands and knees digging through them frantically since she now had competition.
I thought for a brief second that there could be an all out brawl when I was looking through a different basket than she was, carefully placing the bags on the floor next to me as to get to all of them, when she crawled over and pointed to one next me asking, "Do you want this one?"

Since I don't crawl and scavenge like an animal, I politely declined, she snatched it and crawled back over to her basket.


I'm not the type who needs to clamor and fight for items when shopping, I would rather do without than be part of a feeding frenzy like that.

And do you know what?

Good things truly do come to those who wait!

Because look at what I found in there:

4 purses that I couldn't imagine living without now that I have found them!

An amazing vintage caftan!
I love caftans in the summertime. They are such a classic...and this one is from Atlantic City NJ! Does this make me a locavore???

A vintage bag numbered and labeled "Handmade in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong"

And the crowning glory???

A pair of Ferragamo heels!

Now that is what I consider the perfect pick me up!

Friday, May 14, 2010


My brain started working again yesterday!

I think it is because of this polka dot moment I am experiencing.

A few weeks ago in St.Louis, besides the interest in polka dots kicking in full gear, I wore this ensemble:

It was one of those outfits that just felt right.
Was it the combination of sequins,gingham and pinstripes...or the overall comfort of a nice baggy boyfriend jean?
After layering it on again yesterday, this time mixing polka dots,lace and the same pin stripe blazer, I would have to say that it is definitely the mix of pattern and texture that gives me the warm fuzzies.
The contrast of such structured pieces gone awry with a bunch of necklaces haphazardly thrown on and an oversized,destroyed jean became perfection in my eyes.
As to not cut off my already short,stubby legs, I opted for a nude pump to fool the eye.

Did it work?

jacket:ny & co
Lace tank:ny & co
heels:nine west
necklaces:3 separate from ny & co

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Incessant Inspiration ~ JCrew

Sometimes a girl just has no clue what to wear.
I've already shared how I retain any kinds of inspirational catalog and magazine pages for those times when I am in outfit crisis mode.
Like today...
Today my new boss had scheduled a "coffee chat" with my new team. A chance for them to ask me questions about myself and vice versa. A chance to break the ice before I walk through the door officially in charge.
I wanted a nice blend of casual but "I put some effort into this outfit".
Too bad my brain wasn't cooperating.
Out came the binders and it wasn't long before I spotted these old JCrew tearouts:

And that is how I re-created it.

They are so very clever, aren't they???

It's back to the binders!

tweed jacket: bcbg
tee & jeans: express
shoes: bandolino
bangle: charlotte russe

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Old Is New Again

This dress is literally from the archives of my closet.
My former mother inlaw bought it for my birthday one year...I have been with my husband (who is not her son) for 10 years you do the math.
It didn't fit me for the past few years...too much wine and good eats. But I have been diligent since January 1st this year (without denying myself too badly) and it fits again!
I am still loving polka dots right now.
I love how this jaquard jacket I thrifted looks with the polka dots.
The weather has turned quite cold again, so some footless tights were in order.
I wore a yellow wedge that is getting close to the decade mark as well.
The plus side to having copious amounts of clothing and shoes?
You never really wear anything you get to keep them for years and years and years...

ancient polka dot dress: limited
jaquard jacket: banana republic (thrifted)
bracelet: ny&co
wedges: tommy hilfiger

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Best Mother's Day Yet

My father in law is in town for only a limited time now, and he and the hubs were consumed with a home improvement project today.

I took my little one out with me today for some good, old fashioned girl time.

We rocked out to the Twilight soundtracks in the car.

We went to the mall and tried on Chanel lipglosses until we found we both agreed on.
Then bought it.
We also stopped at Starbucks for a Venti Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade Passion Fruit ~ sweetened, of course with a mini doughnut for my mini sweetheart.
After our snacks we went to Bath & Body works for little antibacterials for her, and coconut lotion and mist for mom.
After the mall, it was off to Target where someone got a pair of Miss Trish of Capri sandals.
We would have bought hers and hers, but no mommy sizes this time around.

Of course, such beautiful new sandals need some beautiful toenails to go with them, so we bought some new essie polish in Red-Y Set Ex.
What a gorgeous summer color!
Perfect for tanned toes!
There was also some faux and real texting along the way...while she was texting her boyfriend...Edward Cullen...he's a vampire...have you heard of him???
Some sweet friends and family were sending me Happy Mother's Day wishes.

We headed home to make some cupcakes for dessert.
And to work on those pedicures.
as I said, Best Mother's Day yet!