Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blister In The Sun/A Tale Of Good Wedges

A dual title for 2 short stories all jam packed into one short blog post.
So yesterday I went to the beach right?
And to say I overdid it in the sun would perhaps be an understatement as seen in Exhibit A:

(Yes, those lobsterlike limbs do indeed belong to me and I have only one word to say about it.)
After all day sunbathing and the movie, today I feel wiped out and plain ole exhausted.
Unfortunately, I still had to make a Target run.
Errand running = getting dressed, so I made my bravest attempt at sliding clothing over my fiery skin and threw on shorts and a military style button up. Twisted my hair into a semi acceptable bun and slapped on a pair of wedges as seen in Exhibit B:

Which brings me to the 2nd half of this story, you know, about the wedges.
Since I began talking about implementing the shopping ban, I started thinking about anything I might need (well, not need, but decide in the midst of it all that I wanted) and realized I do not own a pair of black wedges.
As I walked back to my store one afternoon last week I passed Baker's shoes and decided to stop in.
Turns out the sales girl had just marked down this pair of wedges from $79.99 to $19.99.
Like I could say no to that?

shirt & shorts: ny&co
wedges: bakers

Monday, June 28, 2010

Staycation 2010 ~ Day One

My first day of Staycation has been amazing.

I only live a 10 minutes drive from the beach, which just happens to be the same stretch of beach that these people

went to. We just go a few miles further down,to a lesser known spots where you don't have to deal with the masses like them. {shudder}

We headed home in the mid afternoon to have an early dinner and get ready because my daughter and I had the most exciting evening planned!
We were invited to this:

An advance screening of Twilight Eclipse!!!!

No spoiler alerts here, and they confiscated all of our cell phones and cameras etc...they actually scanned everyone going in so you couldn't go home and like post things on your blog about the movie or anything....

I will say this, the movie was more "adult" than the last two...and yes, I will watch it again.

And again
And again
And again...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Third Times The Charm

This is the third time this week I have worn a dress.
Which must be a record for me or something.
I must ask myself why I don't wear them more often...they are simple and easy and take no thought on mornings when you don't won't to get ready for work.

Like this morning.

But after the 8 hour grind, I am officially on a stay-cation for the next 9 days.
Which means tomorrow....the beach!

dress: loft
bangles: jcrew,express and ny&co
ring: charlotte russe
aviators: ny&co
heels: ralph lauren

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping My Closet ~ Dressed

Officially, I have set July 1st as my shopping ban start date.
My intentions are to not shop until September 1st.

Keep in mind I said "intentions"...

I truly intend to do my best at this.
And today's outfit is an example of the ingenuity of making do with what I already own.

About a week ago, a customer approached me at work with our most recent mini catalogue we mail.
The model on the front had on a shirtdress.
Upon closer inspection (and as this customer pointed out), she had a sparkly tank dress layered underneath!
Imagine my surprise at this and the realization of how absolutely adorable it looked!
I own quite a few shirtdresses, and truthfully, since that day, I have been looking at tank dresses at work trying to decide what I could layer underneath one of mine.

Why does my brain instantly start thinking it needs a new thing to complete the outfit!
It is as if my brain goes there by default.

Anyway, with all these new resolutions/realizations, I thumbed through one of the closets and pulled out this shirtdress I bought at Limited about 2/3 years ago.
And this polka dot dress I recently wore here, but have had in my wardrobe for close to 15 years.

I originally wanted to wear the dress with only one or two buttons in the middle actually buttoned up, but the skirt was way too voluminous and just looked sloppy.
But I have a black shirtdress and another polka dot dress that might just pull off that trick....

polka dot dress: limited
shirtdress: limited
necklace: express
bracelet: ny&co red label
shoes: michael kors

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Formulating The Plan

I have been thinking long and hard about a self imposed shopping ban after my recent realizations.
And the realization that I am out of hangers,closet space and rubbermaid tubs for out-of-season wares that need to be stored.

I have a full tub of clothing to be Ebay-ed.
And have donated twice to my favorite thrift store, being very careful not to repurchase anything I gave them myself!

Just kidding. I am not that bad!

The truth of the matter is that it would probably be pretty good for me not buy anything new until September 1st and take a break from single-handedly trying to revive this nations economy.

Because that is how I have justified all my excessive shopping for the past year and a half.
And I usually mention that as I swipe away with my debit card.

"Just trying to do my part for this great country!" I inform the sales clerks.

Or not.

But it sounds good, eh?

And besides, I don't want to get in trouble again.

The hubs and I have been doing a lot of work on our home since the late winter/early spring.
Usually we tackle 1 large home improvement project a year, but this year my father in law has been up visiting a lot from South Carolina, and we are lucky that he loves working on our home!
I already showed you the bathroom reno.

Then he and hubs finished our garage floor with some fancy kind of enamel paint looking stuff.
All I know is it made the hubs happy.

While I was in St.Louis in April I was emailing back and forth with the man who eventually came and did this:

Isn't it pretty?
The only other thing that could make me as happy as looking at my lovely walkway and steps would be to own a Hermes Kelly bag.
And I do believe that this whole project cost less than that handbag would.

And now Pops is here again yesterday and today installing a new storm door and front door combo.

Thus my need to "pump the brakes" as my friend Pamela would say.

So that is where we are.
And I'm nervous.
And misery loves company, soooooo....

Who wants in???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alternate Plans

No time for outfit pictures today my friends.
Because while she did this:

I was busy doing that:

Back to normal blogging tomorrow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Moral Of The Story...

Air conditioning is not my friend.
I am always freezing cold. My husband and kids are always sweating and hot.
So who loses?
Me, of course.
My store is always frigidly cold too.
If people start saying it's hot in there, you can bet that I am actually feeling pretty comfy.
Naturally, despite the nearly 100 degree temps we had here in NJ on Sunday, I dressed in layers so I could remain as comfortable as possible.
It is the only way I can survive living and working in arctic blasts of a/c.

I mentioned the other day how I will snatch up goodies at work as soon as we receive them.
When a fabulous item emerges from it's plastic wrapping, the thrill of the hunt pumps through my veins and I become quite impulsive.
On Friday, we received these marled short sleeve sweaters that are simply adorable.
Especially one in a cream and heather grey color that I spied in my stockroom.
I grabbed my size and put it on hold to buy before I went home for the day.
I envisioned it with wide leg white chinos and soft grey long sleeve t, some summery sandals and fabulous jewelry.
As I worked and my mind was racing at 100 miles an hour, it dawned on me that I already owned a cream summer sweater.
One I bought from the Limited a few years back.
And I haven't worn in just as long.

So I put back the tempting new sweater due to my realization, which ran deeper than just over this new receipt.

I have too much stuff.

Stuff I never wear because there is always something newer, better...being surrounded by clothing all day long is actually my kryptonite.

So the moral of the story is this:
Maybe I need to actually put into action the whole plan that began this blog in the first place.
You know, stop shopping.
Make good with what I have.
And now seems like the best time to do it.
I mean, let's face it, this is really my blog.
It's taken me a while to admit it, but Steph is too busy with wedding prep to write anymore.
Maybe it's time to give this blog a little facelift.
Maybe it's time to test my willpower and endurance.
Maybe, just maybe...it's time for me to be really Shopping The Closet.

Does thrifting count?

chinos: ny&co
l/s tee: jcrew
sweater: limited
sandals: bandalino
earrings: express
necklace: thrifted
ring: arden b
sunglasses: ny&co

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Work And No Play...

Another full weekend of working for me.
C'est la vie....such is the life of the retail employee!
Speaking of which, I have a really big problem when it is super busy at work and people are just buying and spending and buying and spending.
It makes me want to buy something too.
Terrible, eh?
I bought this infinity scarf a few weeks ago.
It is an early fall arrival at work.
I snatched it up as it emerged from the carton it arrived in.
Then bought a lighter gray version.
As soon as it emerged from it's carton as well.
My outfit?
I actually haven't worn this button up tunic and pants since last summer.
And I was so comfortable today in this that I was actually wondering why it has been a year since I last wore this.
Maybe because I have way too much stuff?
tunic and pants: ny & co
necklace and scarf: express
heels: ferragamo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love So Much About Summer

my home decked out in full blown americana...from memorial day to labor day...what else could say summer more?

gorgeous flowers planted almost everywhere...and all my hydrangeas are growing so beautifully this year! they are by far my favorite flower!

grilling fresh seafood and chicken with fruit and veggies...

ending each day with a sunset walk with my hubby and dog.
What do you love most about summer?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's All In The Details...

earrings: express
bangles: top two ~ ny&co bottom one ~ flea market
ring: jcrew
tunic: vintage thrifted

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Short Story From The Weekend

Bermuda shorts might just be my very favorite shorts of all.

Hovering right around the knee area, they elude a mysterious sort of sexiness just like the pencil skirt does.

Especially when paired with heels and dressed up.

Just like the pencil skirt.

Now, I know you may be surprised to hear me saying that.

You know, since I am always complaining that God gave me mini tree trunks for legs.

And you may even be more surprised that I would wear them given how short I am.

And that I just told you how I lust for maxi dresses but would never wear one due to my small stature.

This weekend I wore bermudas x two.
Meaning, both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I wore black bermudas with a foil, ruffle tank and cardi. My necklace was so dramatic and edgy that it needed some basics to really set it off.
I had to work and we had dinner plans with friends right after so I wanted to wear something that would transition nicely.

I worked again today and wore what has fast become this summers favorite shirt.
These drapey,caftanesque tops that I now own in black lace, gray cotton, white sweater knit, this muted pink and a gorgeous breton stripe.
Addicted? Yes, I think so.
Dr. Drew, is that you? Yes, I do need help! Can you please make a version of Celebrity Rehab called, Non-Celebrity Rehab for Shopaholics and Blog Users???
For so many years, the button up shirt with the collar popped up has been almost like "my trademark".
Lately, wearing these flowing tops and the many caftans I have been accumulating has become my "look".
The off the shoulderness of it all adds that little bit of sex appeal?
Who doesn't want to feel sexy?
Especially after someone- and- her- husband- who- shall- remain- nameless stayed out til 1 am and had to go work early the next morning?
For a shirt to achieve that, well, that's like a damn magic trick!
saturday's outfit:
cardi,necklace and foil tank: express
bermudas: ny&co
heels: bandolino
sunday's outfit:
top: express
bermudas: jcrew
bangles: one from limited, one from express
heels: ralph lauren