Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrift Scores

Nothing can right a wrong like finding some seriously good stuff thrifting.
In the midst of some completely overwhelming days last week, the only thing that kept me from diving into the depths of despair was finding this amazing little fur number at one of my favorite haunts.

I was browsing around when Jen, the amazing shopkeeper, remembered that this little gem was hiding in the back, not yet out for sale and would be just perfect for me.
Gosh she was right!
Today was a day off and I decided I would treat myself to a quick spin to Jen's shop in case another treasure had arrived.
Not to be.
As I headed to my local farm market, I decided to stop into a thrift store right in the vicinity that I haven't been to in over a year.
And that would be when the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing.
For you see my friends, they were having a bag sale today.
Bag sale meaning you get a brown paper grocery bag and for $10 stuff as much as you can into it.
Like this metallic silver top.

And this vintage Dana Buchman silk button up:

And this navy linen Ralph Lauren button up:

And this oversized navy anorak...perfect with rubber boots at my daughter's soccer games!

A Calvin Klein shirtdress in a great length!

I also found a chunky knit sweater, a navy shell and a little purse.
But I didn't photograph them.
Don't want to make you all too jealous..... ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mood Wear

So today I felt as grey as my outfit.
Ever just feel as if everything goes wrong at the same?
It's like I have been battling bad ju-ju since Friday when I forget about a whole tray of sugar cookies in the oven that  I rolled and cut out all fancy with cookie cutters!
What a waste of time!
To make matters worse, I kept thinking I had to be at work at 12:30 and at 12:03 when I was driving in I realized I had scheduled myself to go in at 12.
Since then, things have been steadily going downhill in this way or that.
No smiles for the camera today.
Enough said.

sweater dress: express
tights: i can't remember!
boots: coach
necklace: ny&co
bracelet and ring: limited (same from yesterday!)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

I used to abide by my own rule: No over the knee skirts after 30!
And just recently I decided to break it when I found this delicious camel mini.
It doesn't seem as scandalous when paired with tights and boots.
I knew it would match with all the right pieces....a military cardi, an old silk blouse and lace cami.
Today one of the girls who works for me observed, "It's like you just go into your closet and grab a whole bunch of things and throw them together."
And so I do.
Because another rule I try to stick to is: Put my own spin on it.

But this post is about the rules I have broken lately...
Like: Only buy sensible handbags that you will love for years to come.
All sense disappeared when I spied this lovely last night....

military sweater and cami: ny&co
silk blouse: magashoni
skirt and necklaces: express
bracelet and ring: limited
boots: nine west
handbag: braciano braciano (scored at marshall's!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Way Fall Ought To Feel

A lazy Sunday at home wearing an over sized sweater and tights.
Now this is fall.

sweater: 30th anniversary sweater courtesy of express
bangles: ny&co and charlotte russe
cami: ny&co

Just A Quick Public Service Announcement

In order to indulge my inner Martha, I have started a  blog for the sole purpose of sharing all of my entertaining, decorating and party throwing ideas and events.

You can find it here:

That is all.
Thank you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Take A Hike

There is no denying my love for the new "hiking heels" we are seeing everywhere.
In fact, I thought I was searching for open toe lace ups to be my go to boot this season but as it has turned out, I have opted for these olive suede hikers instead.
I first fell head over heels (no pun intended!) for this amazing Tory Burch pair, but opted for the more budget friendly ones I am wearing from Nine West.
Mostly because I heart them now, but next season might not feel quite the same way.
I might actually tell them to literally take a hike.

Something so utilitarian,  completely required the company of something silky, ruffled and polka dotted.
Good thing I scored this shirt thrifting this week!

What is your "go to" boot of the season?

top: thrifted
jeans: stella barely boot express cuffed and rolled 80's style
belt: express
ring: vintage gifted over 10 years ago

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Top 3 ways I can tell we are in the middle of a heatwave:
1. Hubby turned the a/c back on last night dagnabbit!
2. Fought with my daughter this morning about what she was going to wear. I wanted leggings and a short sleeve tunic, she opted for tshirt and shorts left over from summer.
3. Everyone kept staring at me as I ran my errands this morning as if I was grossly overdressed.
Oh well.

top: express
jeans: stella ultra skinny express
boots: style and co
necklace and sunglassed: express

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ooops, I Did It Again

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I had to get up and get ready to drive out to Pennsylvania for an 8am meeting.
As I stood in front of the mirror blow drying my hair around 5:30ish, I got a tweet from my friend Pamela complaining about being up so early to.
It put a smile across my Preparation H laden face.
(Preparation H on your face you ask? Why, it gets rid of the bags under your eyes silly!)

I made it across state lines in record time and pulled in the parking lot at 7:50.
My nerves were on edge because I had a 45 minute presentation to do and one of our VP's was going to be in attendance.

My outfit had been carefully selected and at some point through my drive I realized I was wearing all one brand again from head to toe not counting shoes.
(Have you figured out where I work yet????)
You can imagine my surprise then, knowing how I try to shake things up so as not to look like someone else's clone, when I walked in and one of my peers had on the same exact outfit as me.
Ok, not really.
Different top, same color.
Different skirt, same color.
We are both blonde.
She had on a scarf.
I had on a necklace.
She wore boots.
I wore mad heels.
But we looked the same basically regardless.
How do I know?
Because people never tired of saying, "You didn't send me the pink memo!"
"Did you guys do this on purpose?"
Etc. etc. etc.
It was kind of like my worst fashion nightmare come true.

I wasn't up to do my part until almost 5pm and by then my audience was almost comatose.
When I literally stood up to walk to the front of the room, the executive team that was there stood up to leave.
They apologized for leaving just as my presentation was about to begin, but they were off to NYC for the next round of meetings.
Pressure diminished, I sailed through and was back in my seat before I knew it.

Meeting didn't end until after 6pm, then I trekked back to NJ and wasn't home until almost 8.
That's why I look so wrinkly and tired.
Who wants to photograph an outfit you've had on for almost 14 hours???

all clothing: express
necklace: express
ring: vintage
heels: marc fisher

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Can Do No Wrong...In My Eyes....

True to form, I saw this shiny, gold, sleeveless shell at JCrew and as my eyes glazed over my arms reached out to grab it.

Like an old crow, anything glittery catches my eye.

I knew I had to have it.
And I knew I had to wear it with destroyed jeans and sexy little kitten heels.
Nothing else would do.

sleeveless shell: jcrew
cardigan: ny&co
jeans: slouchy skinny by express
heels: banana republic
earrings: limited
ring: express
bangle: charlotte russe
purse: vintage,thrifted

Monday, September 20, 2010

Running With The Boys

Shhhh....don't tell anyone, but I stole this button up shirt from my son's closet!
Not that he would care, since he scarcely wears more than a tshirt anyway!
I was purging through his outgrown clothing when I came across it and couldn't bear to part with it.
The colors, the striping, the pockets, that nice collar that pops right up...I knew they would work for my wardrobe even harder than they did for his.
Because I cannot for the life of me ever recall him wearing it.
Off from work on Sunday and only a few errands to run.
Husband said I was "overdressed" next to his tshirt and cargo shorts.
I think it was a perfect casual outfit.
oxford shirt: ralph lauren
tank: gap
jeans: ny&co
boots: style&co
earrings: express
sunglasses: enzo angiolini

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Divine Inspiration

Don't you find Jenna Lyons from J Crew so inspiring?
I can only speak for myself, but I am completely intrigued and awestruck by her talents.
I have begun to refer to her as HRH (Her Royal Highness) Jenna Lyons due to her widespread press coverage in the past few years.
Everywhere I look I find Jenna in the midst, and frankly, it tickles me pink!

Due to her global domination, I wasn't floored when the new issue of Town & Country arrived on my doorstep this week and of course Jenna was tucked away inside.
I gasped aloud when I saw the photo of her wearing sequins with an oxford shirt.

photo from martha stewart living (t&c you really need a better website!)

How divine!
The contrast of glitz with no nonsense simplicity sent me over the moon!
And sent my mind reeling and my hands rummaging through my closet...

And there you have it!
Everyday suburbanite wear a la Jenna!

Let me mention these jean leggings for a, I will not call them that awful "jword"...I have strong feelings about jean leggings.
If they are not tucked into boots, then no dice in my opinion.
I was a little wary about these Zelda Cargo Jean Leggings from Express at first...I mean, Zelda and I haven't always seen thigh to thigh, but I was delighted, albeit surprised, to find they were a perfect fit in my true size!
Not to mention super cute!

cardi,tank and leggings: express
oxford shirt: gap (men's)
boots: coach
ring: target

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Working in the retail industry,75% of my clothing comes from the company that employs me.
Well, call it the enticing it lack of time to shop at other it what you will, it's just the way it is.

That being said, you will rarely ever see me decked out head to toe in all "brand" merchandise.
To avoid looking like a cliche or worse yet, a mannequin, I always mix and match pieces within my wardrobe to create my own looks.
I just march to the beat of my own drummer.

Today however, may just be the first time I am wearing all one brand from head to wait, my boots aren't the same brand.
On second thought, neither are my skivvy's.
But,everything else I am wearing just happens to be from the same company.

There is a first time for everything!
Now excuse me as I must dash out to work!
Happy Weekending Everyone!

all clothing and accessories: express
boots: coach
skivvy's: none of your damn business! (oh, all right, if you must know: victoria's secret)