Monday, January 17, 2011

Desperately Seeking Inspiration

I feel like in December all I said was, "Is it January yet?" hoping for a slower pace to this crazy life I lead.
As I sit here midway through January (already?), life has not slowed down in the slightest and I now find myself saying, "Is it February yet?"

A true realization of just how hectic my life has become was brought to my attention just within the past few days.
Someone at work commented on how when they first began working with me in the early fall, my outfits were "not anything you would ever think of putting together" and how I never wear the same outfit twice.
As we got deeper and deeper into the holiday rush, she mentioned how many times I simply wore a ribbed tank and a coccoon sweater with skinny jeans and boots.
Like a uniform of sorts.
She wasn't being malicious or insulting, she was just stating the simple truth.
She even added that leggings and tunic like tops have become quite a staple in my daily dressing as well.
My dress is so "mainstream" lately she said.

Running around maniacally requires comfortable footwear (aka my Coach boots).
Heave ho-ing boxes around and carrying armloads of clothing also requires full motion and outfits that allow for plenty of movement (jeans and coccoons/tunics & leggings).
Practicality becomes a driving force.

Truth be told, mental and physical exhaustion has left me feeling pretty uninspired lately.
More so than the desire to be practical.
I mean, my motto since my teenage years has been, "Fashion before function!"
Oh sure, I have had a good day here and there, putting something together that better defines me.
But for lack of energy and brainpower I have been relying on simple basics to get me through.

Thus I have no outfit post today, working overnight every day of the past week had me living in yoga pants and sneakers.

Instead I want to share with you a few lovely ladies that I look forward to seeing daily.
Who inspire me regularly.
Who keep the faith while I am slumming it.
Their ingenuity and creativity allow me to believe that this too shall pass.
Or in other words, some really cool girl crushes!

She is a breath of fresh air.
Her posts are sweet simplicity and her style is enviable.
I swoon.

My first official blog crush, she keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for her next post of sheer fabulousness.
In my next life I want to be her.

Quite possibly the coolest mother ever.
She can also rock a pair of jeans like no one's business.
Her easy, carefree style is covetable and impossibly unimitable.
Pure chic.

Her vintage style is impeccable.
She is living out my youthful dream life of shop owner and soon to be wife of a talented musician.
Some girls are so lucky.

One of my very first blogging besties, I feel as though I cannot remember blogging life before Pam.
Her daily posts have been part of my daily routine for so long now, I hope to meet her someday.
Maybe she'll come for a visit so she can see the Jersey Shore for reals?
I heart her.

Her stirring photography and her enviable travel schedule keep me living vicariously through her.
She currently lives my future life as a New Englander ~ perhaps we will be Bostonian neighbors within the next two years?
Or perhaps I will finally be living in my dream location of Cape Elizabeth, Maine where Sarah's sister coincidentally lives?
It was destiny for me to have found her.
I heart her too.

Indulges my love of cooking with my love of photography with my love of all things French with my love of appreciating the simple beauty in life.
Truly inspiring blog in so many different ways.

Who inspires you??


  1. All of these ladies are absolutely gorgeous, so I can totally see why you draw inspiration from them! I am sorry that you've been feeling like you're in a creative rut -- but recognizing that fact is the first step of getting out of the rut. Like you said, your life is hectic, so maybe fashion hasn't been the first thing on your mind. Maybe you can take some time out to meditate on what is in your closet and what ensembles you can put together that are both YOU and comfortable?

  2. Oh my gosh, first of all, thank you for including in this list of ah-mazing inspirational bloggers. Judy and her daughter Jane have style that is so out of this world. I love looking at their fashion for home and body. The other bloggers listed are also so special in their own right.

    I find inspiration from women, such as yourself, who live their lifes for themselves and no one else. I think there are ebbs and flows in all our lives. We get caught up in every day routines but that doesn't mean we lose who we are. Even if it's the earrings you have on or the cute boots you are wearing. It's still you!

    BTW, next time I'm in NY, I'm totally contacting you!!!! TEE SHIRT TIME! ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your blog inspirations, I haven't heard of some of these gals before, so it is always fun to "discover" new blogs and peruse.

    Nothing wrong with putting together a fashion uniform - if you find something that works for you, why not rock it? Sometimes it hurts my head a bit to try to put together "something original" every morning - plus who has the time all the time?!

  4. *blushing. You are an inspiration as well. Working like a rock star. Being an amazing mom and wife while looking fab. You seem to find more hours in the day then exist.

  5. Amy ~ I need to meditate on my closet and help my wallet out! And my rut!

    Pamela ~ Can we go creeping?

    Lisa ~ I agree! I laid in bed the other morning hitting snooze saying to myself, "I can't get up til I think of something fab to wear!" Still ended up wearing leggings and an oversized sweater. :(

    Sarah ~ No blushing necessary! Besides, how cool is it that I can keep out your Orvis catalog cover and brag that I know you?

  6. Hi Eleanor...
    I just stumbled upon your blog through Sydney's comments. I love her blog, but I do have a few years on her and so I love finding yours and the other faves you mentioned.
    Fellow NJ blogger


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