Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Remember The First Time?

You know you've been a slacker when you throw on a dress, go to work and one of your employees asks you why you're so dressed up.

I have been living in jeans at work since early November and for my first day back after mini vacation I decided a dress would be easy.
And less restrictive.
Since I am so ridiculously bloated.

Now that the madness in the mall has dwindled down, I can start exploring my closets more and wearing more dresses and skirts.
Which is not condusive to wrangling boxes of freight that come in daily by the hundreds.

And speaking of "exploring the closets" I'm not the only one who needs to diet right now.
I need to put my wallet on a diet too.
Yes folks, that means it's time to Shop The Closet once again!
I was really good about it this summer and when I did my 2010 recap, I really loved some of the things I put together when forced to be more creative.

In reality I don't need a blessed thing until spring/summer anyway.
Thrifting is still acceptable, but not until I address some alteration projects that have been piling up.
Once I have mended/altered these treasures I can hunt once more.

It's a good thing I got a big, fat JCrew giftcard this Christmas. For emergencies, of course.

dress: express
vest: ny&co
ring: banana republic
watch: citizen (christmas gift from hubby!)
bracelet: tiffany's

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  1. The dress is beautiful! I love the sheerness and the pattern. It is perfect in the romantic lighting you have in all your photos, too. And I can totally relate to your "why are you so dressed up?" dilemmas. Except I get the "Are you wearing sneakers?!" whenever I don my sneaks to my (very casual) office. I guess it goes both ways?


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