Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Was Carried To Ohio In A Swarm Of Bees

Or, um, by a Continental Express Jet.
Despite some snow fall in the New York area this morning, my flight got off on time and I made it safely to Ohio.
My flight was almost empty and anyone who was on it was wearing a stuffy suit.
So I must have been quite a sight in my fur vest.
But at least I had a solo window seat.

vest: express
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini
turtleneck: talbots
necklace: express


  1. These pics are fantastic, Eleanor! I agree with A Loofy Life, you're making air travel seem glamourouse again!

  2. Wow, you look absolutely glamorous, like a model travelling between runway shows! I'm not even joking -- you look gorgeous! And a solo window seat? That sounds downright ENVIABLE.

  3. You look amazing! And in airplane! So glamourous. I totally agree with the above comments. How much do you want to bet that a few of those suits were wondering exactly who you were you and what European city were you catching a connecting a flight to :)

  4. Traveling in style. Love the photos! The music goes along well with the photos too. Safe Travels!

  5. You look so beautiful...like the travelers of yesterday. When flying was glamorous and amazing!


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