Monday, January 3, 2011

My Christmas Vacation

As of 4pm on Thursday, December 30th, I was on a mini vacation, long weekend, call it what you will, but I AM OFF.
No emailing, no texting, no phone calls to check in...I am savoring this time after the holiday hustle and bustle to just RELAX.
Even though everyone who knows me in real life says that I don't really know how to do that.
And my guess is that they will all be surprised to hear about some of my adventures over the last few days.

Our Big, Old Fashioned Family Christmas meant that we had houseguests for a full week.
It also meant that the hubs and I slept on our glorious pull out that caves in in the middle for 7 whole nights.
Everyone's sleeping arrangements were askew, except for Pops who slept in our big, comfy bed in our serene and peaceful master bedroom.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining AT ALL.
I would give up my bed for Pops anytime, and while we were trapped in the crevice of the sofa all night, my brother in law slept in my daughter's trundle bed, my sister in my daughter's bed, my daughter on my son's floor on a twin mattress, my mother on our formal living room sofa, and even Bailey our Wheaten Terrier was misplaced as his bed is on the floor next to ours but since Pops was in there and not us, he was mostly confused and spent some nights aimlessly roaming about the house making our new little one (who's crate is in our home office ~ so she and Pops were the only ones who actually got their own private rooms.....SPOILED!) jealous of his mobility and freedom so she would whine and bark in the wee hours of the morning to ensure we were aware of her discontent.
And if you think that was enough craziness, how about the morning after I passed out fell asleep on the sofa and hubs passed out fell asleep up in the room with the kids, I woke to see my mother coming in from the living room with a beach towel and her coat.
"Mom, why do you have a beach towel?"
"I didn't know where the blankets were, so I used a towel."
"Didn't you get cold????"
"That's why I grabbed my coat...I covered myself with it when I got chilly in the middle of the night."
What the hell?!?! own mother sleeping on my sofa like a damn hobo because someone passed out fell asleep before they could get her blankets and a pillow.
Nice job honey! Men.....

Moving on...
On Wednesday the 29th my sister and brother in law left to head home to Virginia and took Pops with them so he could visit my aunt who lives right there.
Mom stayed here with us, mostly because we assured her that she could sleep in my daughter's room and would be provided with ample bedding.
Maybe also in part because we were supposed to go spend New Year's at my brother's house in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.
On Thursday evening my brother called to tell us that my future sister in law was really sick with flu like symptoms (not morning sickness symptoms as I was initially hoping ~ sorry guys, but a girl can wish!) so our New Year's plans were kaput.
So Mom decided to head home early Friday morning despite my promising and pleading to never let her sleep in hobo style again.
She said it was because she had to go back to work today.
Yeah, right.

Since we now had no plans and no houseguests at all, we decided to have my youngest brother and his wife and daughter over for some New Year's festivities...all that ended at 10ish and had me watching the ball drop with Carson Daly by myself and let me tell you, that was less than thrilling.
I slept in until 8am on New Year's Day, which is a feat in itself, since I am usually up between 4 and 5.
I stayed in my pajamas
Which meant that no, I did not wash my face or even brush my teeth so yes, my mascara smeared raccoon eyes were definitely hot.
I dismantled Christmas and discovered what happens when your husband forgets to water the tree for almost 2 weeks.
I went to bed quite content with my stinky self and slept in again until 8am Sunday morning.
After some negotiating with the husband, I agreed to shower on Sunday but only if  he took me to my favorite outdoor lifestyle center in NJ.
Because it has a Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, JCrew, Anthro and on and on and on.
Hubs wanted to have lunch first before we drove there (it is about 45 minutes away from our home) and as we were driving to some steakhouse somewhere (typical man) I spied a Qdoba restaurant.
My squeals of delight may have permanently damaged the husbands ear drums, but he agreed to change plans, turn around and eat at Qdoba.

When I worked in St.Louis back in the spring, I discovered Qdoba for the first time and ended up eating there almost daily for the 2 weeks I was there.
To say I loved it would be an understatement.
We gaily skipped walked in and the hubs and daughter (son could not be persuaded to either shower or come out with us) soon understood my giddyness.
After stuffing our faces savoring every bite, we continued on our shopping journey which turned into nothing more than a window shopping journey.
And my wallet was grateful.
On the way home we stopped at Borders and I did pick up a biography on Isabella Blow since Borders had emailed me that lovely little 50% off coupon.

Once home I started reading my book after changing back into sweats and promptly fell sound asleep.
I woke up, read some more and promptly fell asleep again.
Then I woke up again, ate some frozen pizza, watched Despicable Me with my daughter and then fell asleep again.
Truly eventful.

This morning the kids went back to school and hubs and I were still off.
After we danced around their sad, little forlorn selves singing a song not unlike "Na na na na na na...hey hey hey goodbye...." we drove them to school smiling brightly and waving madly and headed out to run some errands.
Let it be known that I did shower and dress on my own accord today.
We went to the Girl Scout Council to get the rest of my daughter's patches since her sash has been naked since she moved onto Brownies in September.
We went to the kid's bank to deposit their birthday money into their savings accounts since they received it all in September.
For their birthdays.
Can you tell when my retail life begins to spiral out of control???
We went to Target (yay!) Lowe's (almost gauged an eyeball out there) and Staples (I needed a new planner then hightailed it outta there too...B-oring!).
After Staples, it took no convincing to get the hubs to go to Qdoba again.
And so we went.
And so we ate.
After almost doing a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally impersonation as I ate my burrito.... I started to realize why I usually get them "naked".
That damn tortilla just makes
So with an overfull tummy we started to head home.
I was dreaming of sweatpants and gastric bypass surgery when I saw that a local movie and music store had going out of business signs up.
So we decided to stop and the husband rolled me through the door where I spent the next hour buying awesome movies that I know Mr.Teenager will appreciate just as much as myself.
Pump Up the Volume (Why, helllooooo Christian Slater of the 80's.....)
Mallrats (CLASSIC!)
The Crying Game (we are Irish mind you)
Police Academy (the first one)
Rob Roy (we are Scottish mind you)
Little Shop of Horrors (this was the husband's pick...I am not really a fan of that one)
Drumroll please.....
The entire season 1 of Degrassi Junior High.
Yes, the original from 1987 that I used to actually watch in 1987.
Did any of you watch it too????

So now tomorrow, the hubs is back to work, the kids are still in school and I have home alone.
By myself.
I am thinking a DeGrassi marathon will be in full effect.
Complete with sweatpants and quite possibly a solo Qdoba run.
Meaning drive.
After eating all these burritos I am not running anywhere except maybe to Jenny Craig.

How did you spend your holidays?


  1. just like this.
    i would work out (on occassion), shower, and then basically put the same thing on I wore the day before-leggings, tee and cardigan. And if I went out, a hat. Because I didn't want to "do" my hair!

    This is the best kind of vacation. I think I want a burrito.

  2. I love Degrassi. I watched it in 1987. That is all.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous vacation. I am quite envious.

    You must tell us how the Isabella Blow book is. I am dying to get. May have to sneak out to Boarders at lunch. Am feeling overwhelmed by work and a walk could do me good I think. Now I need to stop my reading blogs break...


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