Monday, January 24, 2011

Real Life / Glamour Life

This is one hectic day for me.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Ohio for the remainder of the week for business.
While I would not for one instant change my life, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like if I lived the very glamourous life I believe I was destined for......

Real Life: Get home from work at 12am this morning. Let dogs out since they have woken and are dancing around me. Finally climb into bed unable to reposition if uncomfortable since littlest dog has decided to sleep on top of my legs. When alarm goes off at 5am hit snooze repeatedly while in a semi~comatose state, losing phone/alarm clock somewhere in the bed sheets. Wake up 1 hour and 45 minutes later disgruntled that I wasted 1 hour and 45 minutes of day.

Glamour Life: Wake up smiling, stretching and fully relaxed from a gloriously restful night sleep. Lay in my bed for an extra few minutes basking in the warm sunlight that is softly shining through the windows.

Real Life: Tie hair in a bun, put on glasses and stumble into kitchen, pour coffee. Out of agave nectar since there has been no time to food shop. Begrudgingly use refined sugar (yuck!) and start cleaning up mess left all over counters from family last night while taking random sips of coffee.

Glamour Life: Wrap myself in the softest silk robe and drift into kitchen for morning coffee. Hubby has laid out my favorite mug and a spoon for stirring. Morning paper is sitting on the clean, empty counter. Snuggle into sofa with coffe and paper enjoying every sip of that perfectly prepared java.

Real Life: Toast a bagel to have for breakfast. Lord knows, I spent $15 on bagels Sunday morning, cannot let any of them go to waste.

Glamour Life: Personal chef asks me if I would like a small dish of fresh fruit to go with my omelet he is preparing.

Real Life: Daughter comes downstairs semi cranky and gets even more so when I inform her there are no more plain bagels. Settles on a marble rye but makes sure I know she isn't happy about it. Remind her of the time and start countdown to being out the door on time for school.

Glamour Life: Daughter comes downstairs and greets me with a warm hug and kiss. She eagerly tells me all about her dreams of puppies and gumdrops and rainbows until her governess comes and quickly whisks her away to get ready for school.

Real Life: Run out in single digit temps in yoga pants, sneakers and baseball cap. Sunglasses are necessary since I never washed off eye makeup last night. Drop daughter at school (LATE!) and drive right over to grocery store that is teaming with senior citizens frightened about an impending snow storm Tuesday night. Grab one of the last gallons of milk before they.are.all.gone. Fill cart up with necessities for hubs and kids while I am away.

Glamour Life: Still wearing my silk robe, I discuss with my personal chef what he will be feeding the family while I am away and make arrangements for groceries to be ordered and delivered.

Real Life: Arrive home, after unpacking groceries, start sorting laundry and running loads of wash. Walk back into laundry room to see entire mountain of towels has disappeared. Befuddled, I wander into my master bedroom and see the mountain restacked there. Littlest dog apparently likes to play tricks on me. Carry laundry back to laundry room.

Glamour Life: Get dressed in the very latest designer fashions and head out to run some errands. Laundry is cleaned and pressed and picked up from cleaners.

Real Life: Laundry is going, change sheets on all 3 beds. Try to squeeze in a Jillian Michaels workout DVD.

Glamour Life: Meet my personal trainer at the gym for a session. Need to perfect that 6 pack before my vacation in the islands.

Real Life: Bite off all my fingernails while thinking of all the things left to do.

Glamour Life: After a refreshing workout, head to salon for mani and pedi.

Real Life: Shower and twist unbrushed hair into a bun. Just like I have every day for the past two weeks.

Glamour Life: After nails have been done in the most dazzling colors, get hair color touched up, a trim and blow out.

Real Life: Wrangle suitcases out of attic and begin stressful job of packing. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR????

Glamour Life: Arrive home perfectly coiffed to find luggage laid out on bed by housekeeper. Outfits have already been selected and are hung and accessorized in closet. Just need to lay them into luggage, being careful to wrap sweaters with tissue so they don't wrinkle.

Real Life: Abandon packing job out of frustration and resume cleaning. Scrubbing out tub is a challenge since big dog has needed 3 baths in the past week.

Glamour Life: Tie up tresses and have a late afternoon soak. Nothing beats a bubble bath after such a busy day!

Real Life: Pick up kids from school, help with homework and studying, check on pot of chili simmering on stove. Husband left work late and is now stuck in traffic.

Glamour Life:  Governess takes care of homework and studying, chef has dinner in the works, when my husband arrives home joyous to see me after a long day at his very fulfilling job.

Real Life: Everyone wants to eat dinner in the family room watching Seinfeld.

Glamour Life: Family sits around the dining room table sharing stories enjoying dinner.

Real Life: Clean kitchen. AGAIN. Chase daughter upstairs. Beg her to stop jumping on trampoline that is in her room and! Hubby has now fallen asleep on couch. Curmudgeonly teen has locked himself into his bedroom.

Glamour Life: Join husband for a nice glass of wine after dinner and talk about upcoming trip to the islands. Share hopes and dreams and knowing glances. Governess tucks kids in bed.

Real Life: Wake up at crack of dawn. Throw last minute items into luggage wondering if I even packed outfits that make sense. At 9:30 am drop daughter at school. Drive 45 minutes to airport. Wrestle luggage out of car and drag through parking lot. Stand in long, long security lines. Realize I wore holey socks as I stand there in the crowd shoeless.

Glamour Life: Enjoy same morning routine as previous day. At 9:30 am, driver is ready to take me to the airport. Luggage is already loaded into my black Range Rover. Curbside drop off at airport, where I glide right up to first class ticket window. Miniscule line at security and everyone comments on how gorgeous my Jimmy Choo's are when I remove them. Flight is right on time, board plane and settle into comfy first class seats. Am offered a glass of wine shortly after boarding.

Real Life: Flight is delayed. When I finally board realize my seat is all the way in the back of coach and my seat partner is big and smelly.

Ain't life grand?


  1. "Daughter comes downstairs and greets me with a warm hug and kiss. She eagerly tells me all about her dreams of puppies and gumdrops and rainbows until her governess comes and quickly whisks her away to get ready for school."

    HAHAHA, I love it. And boy, you are one busy woman! It makes me feel bad for all the times when I was a "curmudgeonly teen," haha! I hope you at least get to unwind in your few hours in the air -- even IF you are stuck next to a big and smelly seat neighbor! (but let's hope that's not the case!)

  2. Amy ~ A girl can dream dammit. lol.

  3. This had me in stitches, Eleanor. You're too funny -- and I'll tell you what, I'm sure to eat every.single.bagel that I get from my favorite place, as well. Because it happens to be everyone else's favorite place too, so it's an unglamourously long wait in line just to get my everything bagels.

    And thank you so very much for your words of encouragement on my post. So very appreciated!

  4. Safe business travels - we should all just sleep in that tiny bit longer so we can wallow in our sometimes more glamorous dreams! ;o)

  5. Don't hate me, but your Glamour Life is my Real Life. Sooooooo kidding! I hope you get some pampering in your hotel. Paid by your company, right?

    My sons tell me about their dreams and they're are usually adventuresome. Last night's was about bumper cars. Your little dog cracks me up! Yes, I read your whole post and you are a Supermom!

    I'm a new follower!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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