Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recipe For An Afternoon Of Fun

1 ~ Small Child
1 ~ Bungee cord
1 ~ Office chair on wheels
1 ~ House full of wood floors

Put small child on office chair.
(Allow them to hold a small dog if they insist)
Instruct them to hold one end of bungee cord.
Hold other end.
Pull child on chair throughout house.
The faster the better.
Make sure all turns are made quickly so child squeals with delight.
Enjoy the large quantities of laughter that ensue. 


  1. Does it work if parent sits in the chair and small child pulls?? I so want to try that! x

    PS - Love your new look!

  2. Corinne ~ Absolutely! In fact, I recommend hooking the bungee cord into the belt loop of the small child's jeans and yelling, "Mush! Mush!" as they go about it.

  3. Wonderful!! I love how simple fun can be sometimes!

  4. Oh my goodness -- this gave me cause for such wholehearted laughter. What a wonderful household to encourage this kind of creativity, fun,and resourcefulness. My mom was fairly relaxed when it came to indoor play and I think it did us loads of good. One particular memory: We used to have tile floors throughout the first floor. In the summers, if I had been outside roller blading and needed a drink, and I was allowed to come inside -- without removing my roller blades -- so long as I kept to slow gliding.

    And I really love your new blog header -- so classic and beautiful in its simplicity. Just lovely!

  5. I discovered you via your comment on Kelinda.Kelinda about Chris Cornell. I give it a Ten. If I Would could you become a follower of my blog? I won't bribe you with Singles. I also won't put you in a Rusty Cage or make you eat a Jar of Flies if you don't. Or Bleach for that matter.

    Now, regarding the contents if this post. I think I have everything for it. we have a weird transition piece from our hallway to the living room, but that could make for a nice jump.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

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