Friday, January 7, 2011

You Got It Right This Time

Just before the holiday, I got the offer from JCrew for 30% off one entire purchase along with free shipping.
I debated and debated what to use it on until about 30 minutes before the offer expired, ultimately ordering 2 shirts.
A gingham boyfriend shirt and this chambray one.

I've thought about this shirt off and on again since the one I have in the same shade is very long and almost tunic like.
I want one that isn't quite so long.
I have a denim shirt in a very dark wash as well.
But I had not come across the lighter wash in a more fitting length.
Until now.

The price is what had me debating until the last moments, but I finally pulled the trigger and am glad I did.

Same story goes for this necklace.
I loved it as soon as I saw it, but shied away because of the price even though the color and rope will easily make it relevant all through out the warmer months as well.
When I received a rewards coupon that brought the price of it down to a miniscule amount, I was able to justify buying it.
And when I got both of these items home, I asked myself why I am so quick to decide on "cheaper" items, when if I debated them more and maybe spent a little extra on something I really loved, wouldn't it be better?
Do I pull the trigger faster because lower price tag = less guilt?
All I can say is I am so glad I bought both of these items and I predict you will see them reappear here again and again.

Are you seduced by price tags?
Does seeing a great price make you not even think twice about adding something to your wardrobe?

I would love to have everyone weigh in on this topic!

blazer: express
chambray shirt: jcrew
striped sweater: limited
necklace and ring: express
skirt and earrings: new york & company
tights: target
boots: coach


  1. I am TOTALLY seduced great bargains... it just happened yesterday. I bought a really cute top from Ann Taylor Loft for $15 before Christmas... since they were such a great price, I bought 3 more!!! DID I NEED THEM!??? Not really..... they were just a great price.... and they are cute.... decisions, decisions. I am glad I am not alone! :)

    Girls Day Out

  2. Oh - AND you look so cute today! Love the jewelry - I am a sucker for chunky!

  3. I need to bow towards your doctoral-level layering skills - you always know how to rock the layered look so well!

  4. Agree with the masterful layering and I love love love that necklace!!!

  5. Yes! There is less guilt when I spend less, but in the end, I end up spending more, because when I see something that I love (within reason)I decide to find a "substitute" item a.k.a. cheaper one, rather than the original higher price. Eventually, I end up buying the original item that I really wanted, because the cheaper items didn't satisfy me. This is the year that I want to buy less, but better, and buy what I love, not what's cheap. But its so hard, when I see so many wonderful looks, like the ones on your blog, that seduce me to spend more. Oh, discipline!


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