Monday, February 28, 2011

Fluid Movement

*photos from Bergdorf

Being caught between seasons is officially taking its toll on me.
The stores scream spring.
The ads scream spring.
And sixty degree temps here today had my toes longing to be perfectly polished and out on display.
 However, the calendar reminds us that tomorrow is only the 1st of March.


And what is that old addage again?
In like a lion and out like a lamb?
I am hoping for both a lamb~like arrival as well as departure.

Since I am completely lacking my own original inspiration, I look to amazing, flowing dresses like these Lanvin ones to reignite my fashion passion.
Such fluid fabrics scream for a change of weather!
If money was no object, which one would you choose?
i am partial to 2 & 4...


  1. I would pick the last two! So pretty!!!

  2. One and three, but I want one in the color of four.


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