Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girl Crush

It is not often that I am in complete jaw-dropping awe of someone's style.
Where everything they wear sings to my soul, and I just get it.
Straight to my core.

Enter Lucy Laucht.
A stylist originally from England, who has lived in Australia  and is currently residing in New York...
Which I admittedly find super cool even at the risk of being thought a stalker.
(No worries...I am definitely not!)

I haven't felt this bowled over since I discovered Kelly Framel and The Glamourai almost 2 years ago.
I found myself hungrily poring through all of Lucy's posts this afternoon, it was like being spoon fed divine inspiration.
To my sheer delight, she incorporates many of the same items again and again.
 I love how she gives everlasting life to a well edited wardrobe.
She shares my love for a good pair of trousers, and she obviously holds her Phd. in layering!
I could gush on and on but I think you'll understand better if I just show you some of my favorites:

could anything be more effortlessly chic?

You see why I've swooned and gone to heaven, right?

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  1. Oh I love Lucy too! I wish I could dress as effortlessly edgily chic as her but I don't think it is in my DNA!


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