Wednesday, February 2, 2011


hat: express (men's)
scarf: anthro
earrings: anthro
top: ny&co
bracelets: ny&co
boots: style&co


  1. ooooh! I LOVE THAT HAT!!!!!!!!! You look great in it. You are a total hat person. Did you wear that hat when you were at the butcher shop this week?! ;-)

  2. I wish I looked good in hats!!! You look super adorable. I don't have the face for it...oh well.

  3. Pam ~ Lol! No...but one day recently she said to the butcher "If only I were a guy and about 25 years younger..." He looked at her like she was crazy and said, "You'd what?!?!"
    I just laughed.

    The Richardson's ~ Thanks! Years ago I was a buyer for a small eclectic boutique and at every trade show my co workers used to make me try on every hat we were considering buying for the store.I hardly wear them in real life though!
    That may have to change...

  4. Love this had on your


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