Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping Your Closet: From Ad To Had!

It was swoon at first sight when I saw this in the Threadsence Lookbook.
Since my sister bought me a caftanesque sweater for Christmas this year, I knew this look was within my reach.
The wheel's started turning and this is what I came up with:

I switched up the color palette to work with what I had (this is shopping the closet after all!), using stripes instead of animal print because stripe with camel and orange = ooh la la in my book!
Sticking with the burnt orange/camel theme, I coordinated my jewelry with warm brassy tones and a bit of orange.

While I still adore this look, I found that this is a little too bohemian for my taste, and when I was all dressed and layered up, I felt like a costumed gypsy of sorts.
We all know I love me some layers, but this was a bit much to wear out.
 I am also only 5'1,so I think it was too overwhelming on my frame.

I have worn this sweater to work, but for someone as petite as myself, it needs to be paired with a skinny bottom and a nice tall shoe.
That's why, in real life, I have worn it with a fitted turtleneck, skinny jean and knee high boot.
Keeping it all lean and mean underneath really accents the fullness of the sweater that drew me to it in the first place without overwhelming my little self.

The whole point of this little exercise?
The old addage of wearing what is right for your body still rings so true.
Fashion lovers who don't want to look like fashion victims should always admire from afar the things that won't work for them and stick with what does work....
Besides, isn't it more fun to want what you can't have???

What looks do you love that just won't work for your shape?

sweater: ny&co
scarf: anthro
stripe top: express
maxi dress: talbots, thrifted
boots: style&co
rings: target, vintage, express
bracelets: ny&co, express

P.S. Check out the Threadsence Winter Lookbook, the whole thing is swoon worthy and the music...I die...


  1. This is borderline harem-pant, but I dig those slouchy-crotch cropped trousers! They're something laidback yet formal about them but they don't work for anyone non-gazelle-like!

  2. you're so tiny! i love this sweater ~ it looks so warm and cozy. high-waisted pants are tragic on me. i'm 5'6" and all legs with a very short torso. while i love the look, it's one i cannot pull off. i'm extremely thankful for low-rise pants! ~ susan

  3. i basically have no hips at all, which also = no waist, so i really can't pull off high-waisted jeans. it's so sad, because i loooove the way they look!

  4. I really like these looks you immitate!
    I do think a professional photographer and great location do play a part in making someone's outfit look fabulous though. So comparing ones self to these models is just not right. I like your version, it's very earthy and winter appropriate. I'm kinda one of those people who will try almost any look wether good for my body or not... I'm not saying it always looks good but I can't help myself! Beign short though makes me less adventurous because some crazy outfits I think up would look SO much better on someone with long sexy legs!

  5. The "model" in the lookbook is actually a blogger/stylist:
    - Tessa

  6. The "model" in the lookbook is actually a blogger/stylist:
    - Tessa


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