Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slip Sliding Away...

for emily my northern friend!

On Monday morning my brother and I took my daughter ice skating at our township indoor rink.
I haven't ice skated since I was a kid, and I was scared to death!
But I figured if I can snowboard, then I should be able to ice skate as well, right?
And guess what?
It was like riding a bike!
There were a few nerve wracking moments at first, but once I got out on there I found it all came right back to me!
Thank goodness my brother was there to help Ryan so I could hone my skills without her taking me down.
At the end I grabbed the calendar so as to see when all the public skating times are.
I think I found myself a new hobby.
Oh winter sports, I do love you!


  1. Yay!!!! :)
    I love skating but most winters go by without any opportunities. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of ice and cold but finding the time... not so easy! Also, my skates are one size too big which does NOT help.

  2. Cool, you're a snow boarder! I love it! And it's awesome to tackle something new and succeed, isn't it? Have fun ice skating!! I can skate just fine, but I don't know how to stop aside from running directly into a wall, haha!

  3. Emily ~ Yeah, my ankles hurt on Tuesday so I could see how wearing a wrong size could suck.
    I love winter. So many fun sports. You Canadians sure know how to make the most of the winter months!

    Amy ~ Yes, not as skilled as I wish I was. I actually learned to ski first and discovered that snow boarding was more my cup of tea. Something about both legs being able to go in separate directions didn't sit well with me...

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