Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today I'm A Maxxinista

For many, many years there was the crappiest, dingiest TJMaxx in my town.
It was like a total dump.
Then they closed the doors forever a few months ago and relocated a few towns south pretty much right across the street from the salon I go to.
This morning I had some time between school drop off and a hair appointment so I decided to stop in and see what wonders they had to offer.
The new store is so clean and organized, it is hard to believe it is the same TJMaxx!
And as for the wonders....well, as soon as I arrived I checked out the handbag selection and dropped the perfect spring/summer bag into my cart immediately.
Upon further browsing, I discovered this Ralph Lauren dress on clearance for $20 and in my size!
Then this duo of Cynthia Rowley tights which coordinate perfectly with the dress for only $3????
And she scores!!!!!!!!!!!

**As a side note, as I was in the process of typing this post the hubs yelled that Winnie was missing from the backyard. We all ran outside and started combing the street. My A~mazing neighbor Gia happened to call when I ran back in to throw a coat on and jumped in her car with her girls and some flashlights to help in the search.
We ended up finding her stuck under our deck, but tonight was a warm and fuzzy reminder of how much I love my neighbors and how lucky we are to have them.
Thank you Gia, Ralph, Al and Olivia ~ You guys are the best!!!!!

dress: ralph lauren
tights: cynthia rowley ~ 2 pairs doubled up
heels: express


  1. You look super hot! I love, love, love that dress!

    PS- your neighbours sound fab. xx

  2. That is one thing I miss about having a toddler- not enough time to shop around at stores like Ross/TJ Max/etc. The ones by my house are very nice, but you have to search the racks and go often to get the best deals.

    Toddlers are not conducive to that kind of activity.

    You look FAB!! and I am jealous of the amazing deals you got!

  3. Awesome finds! I forget about the doubling up tights thing. I shall be rockin' that look soon! Glad you found Winnie!

    Check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. Corinne ~ Thanks! And they are...so why don't you move on my block too??? Please?????

    The Richardson's ~ Oh boy do I know! My 8 year old is worse now than when she was a toddler and in fact hubs, and both kids despise shopping not a one of them is willing to even shop for their own clothes! And thanks! $20 bucks for that dress was indeed a steal!

    Jen HaHa ~ Thanks! Winnie was quite possibly possessed by Satan all day yesterday with last night being the grand culmination of her bad behaviors! After giving her a bath last night to wash away the under the deck filth we seem to have exercised away all the demons thank goodness!

  5. VA VA VOOM!!!! I LOVE that 3rd picture, I'm jealous of your curves!


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