Friday, March 11, 2011

More Like Me

Wednesday night I was completely exhausted having stayed at work almost 2 hours late.
For the second time this week.
My children have been begging me to take them to the library, and were all over me about it when I walked through the door.
I changed into yoga pants, sneakers and sweatshirt, threw on a jacket and off we went.
As we perused through the children's section with my daughter a young mom walked by me wearing skinny cargo pants, adorable wedge boots, a bomber jacket and her hair blown out to perfection.
There I stood feeling like a total slob thinking, "that is me. that should be me."
But stress has completely taken over my life the past few weeks and outside of work I have been living in comfy clothes which is fine inside my home, but out in public made me feel completely out of place and uncomfortable.
Because it just isn't me.
Next morning I was rushing around like a maniac, squeeze in a workout, get the kids to school, then off to a doctor appointment for myself at 9:15 all before rushing to work.
At 8am I stopped dead in my tracks and decided that no way was I going to stress myself out like this trying to fit everything into such a small window of time.
I called the doctor and cancelled, did the workout I really wanted to do, then when I found myself pulling out trusty ole skinny jeans to wear to work and folded them back up and pulled out a skirt and tights and paired it with loads of layers on top.
Now this is more like me.

skirt: ny&co
stripe tank: express
denim button up: jcrew
knit boyfriend blazer: express
scarf: express
tights: ?
heels: michael kors


  1. I don't know how you manage to do everything, Eleanor, but somehow you get through it and still look fantastic. It must be a struggle to find time for yourself and make priorities out of the things you need to do - I have major admiration for working moms as I can't juggle between myself most of the time!

  2. Good for you for rescheduling the appointment! Sometimes we overbook ourselves and think we can handle it when it reality, we are just making things more stressful!


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