Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Things

One day it's 60 degrees, the next back to 40...oh Mother Nature, why are playing such cruel tricks on me?
All I want to do is pack up all my wool, tweed and heavy sweaters until the fall, but I know that would really be jumping the gun.
Until then, here are 3 newly aquired items helping me transition to spring:

This chambray blazer from JCrew...oh, the places we'll go!
Because you.go.with.everything!

These skinny cargo pants from Express...I rocked them today with a pair of camel slingbacks.
You know, to say "I'm hip but classic at the same time!"

These silky pants from New York & Co...a total steal price wise and begging to be worn with strappy sky high stilettos!

What pieces are helping you transition?


  1. I love your pants from NY&Co. Super cute. The chambray jacket is really cute, too. I haven't seen that one in-person yet.

  2. We don't need transition outfits here in Arizona, haha. it is either HOT or "nice". It was an especially warm winter and I did not even get to wear my cute jackets but a few times.

    I am not trying to rub it in...because trust me...there is no such thing a a fashionable outfit come July-September when it is 115 degrees here.

    Just saying- I wish we had more seasons to take full advantage of the fashion choices!

  3. How is the chambray jacket fit? Any suggestions on sizing?


  4. love LOVE the blazer!!

    <3 steffy

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