Monday, March 28, 2011

Wishful Sprinking

After transitioning my closet to accomodate the upcoming season, there is no sign of temperatures rising above 55 degrees here anytime in the very near future.
To send Mother Nature a hint, I have been plumping up my spring wardrobe with some of my current must~haves!

this men's hat is adorably feminine with pulled back hair

this skirt in alabaster white

this sailor stripe top begs to be paired with red on the bottom ~ in the form of a paisley pencil skirt

this herringbone blazer in aged driftwood

this all over lace tee with navy ribbon sweet!

And on the bottom?

These pants in both purple and banana chip (yellow!) and this skirt! and the perfect trench coat.

Mother Nature?

I'm waiting.....


  1. Love the mens hat...I am on the hunt for a cute fedora or straw number to wear this Spring. My fav boutique Lola's has a couple cute ones..but I am holding out for an official love affair.

    I am going to encore tues..let you know how caftan works out:)

  2. I love the jcrew Dorrie skirt and that awesome hat!! Actually, I want one of each you posted!! I can't wait for the weather to break here, either. Enough already!!

  3. Carly ~ I think I'm going to have to check this Lola's out....
    Pamela ~ I bought the Dorrie in the white. Actually I bought everything I features and then some. Applying for a second mortgage soon. ;)

  4. Oh I lured by the siren song of the Dorrie skirt too, and had to order it last week. Now I kind of want it in more colors ...


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