Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black Tie Optional

Hey, guess what?
This is my 400th post!
400 posts in just under two years!
Who knew?

Neither of these items was purchased to be worn together.
I fell in love with the jumpsuit the moment I saw it and wore it right away to a bridal shower I attended back in March.
When I saw this jacket that looks exactly like a Stella McCartney one, I snatched it up right there on the spot.
I envisioned wearing the jacket with jeans and sky high heels.
And I knew this jumpsuit will be worn to death all summer long.
But to wear them together?
To work?
I hadn't planned on that.

I have to admit I felt a little overdressed for the po~dunk town I work in.
I may only be a short distance out of NYC, but most days that short distance is worlds away....

jacket, jumpsuit & earrings : express
heels: marc fisher
watch: citizen
bracelet: tiffany's
ring: ny&co

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Dress{ing} Day III

I adore almost everything about this dress.
The color.
The fact that it is 100% washable silk.
The femininity it exudes.
The only thing I don't like is that it is too big on me.

In between photos I had to keep adjusting myself so you didn't get to know me any better than you want to.
If you know what I mean.
I need to move to Canada ASAP and become friends with Jentine who would be able to rework this dress faster than you can say "thrift shopping".
But alas, I sold my sewing machine when I was a single mom supporting my son and I in a home that had electric heat.
Do you know what those bills looked like in January/February?

Sometimes we do hasty things out of necessity.
Sometimes we do hasty things out of want.
And I want this dress to fit.

dress: vintage,thrifted
earrings: vintage,thrifted
bracelets: jcrew, express & misc.
heels: nine west

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Dress{ing} Day II

The moment I saw this dress hanging in the thrift store I knew
I prayed it would fit because I have an aversion to trying things on when thrifting.
I was so desparate to own it that I figured if it didn't fit, I would just start my own vintage Etsy store and sell it to some wonderful woman who would give it the tender loving care it deserved.
Of course, after it sold I would go out of business since my stock will have been depleted.
But this dress gives me that much inspiration.

Fortunately for me, it fits like a glove and even the husband loved it.
But not nearly as much as I do.

dress: vintage, thrifted
heels: nina
earrings: express

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Dress{ing} Day I

In my recent thrifting excursions I have acquired 3 A~mazing vintage dresses.
Unless you opt to dress in a "period" style, sometimes incorporating vintage into a modern wardrobe can be challenging.
I primarily thrift alone because it is hard to find people that are open to the endless possibilities some items hold.
My problem is, I see the possibilities in too many things when out treasure hunting and need to make sure I only pick up the items I will truly meld into my closet.
This dress and the other two I am going to share with you fit the bill perfectly.

This dress was a no brainer as it oozed "of the moment".
Sultry crossover neckline that embodies that 70's vibe?
Check and Check.

It is so perfect as it is that all it needed was a belt and some great shoes.
And some fun glasses don't hurt either.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Ultra chilly temperatures and pouring down rain all week gave way to mid 80's and sunshine for Easter Sunday.
Despite a gloomy forecast.
Now that's what I call yet another Easter miracle!
I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, ours was filled with a spiral glazed ham, roasted asparagus, and a bountiful glass of pinot noir (for the adults only!).
Dessert was my sour cream poundcake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
(which means tomorrow will be rice cakes and apples...always a price to pay!)
Oh, Summer...I can feel you coming!

dress: h&m
hat: express

Friday, April 22, 2011


I have always loved a good pair of "hipster" glasses like this.
Mostly because I have been obsessed with Jarvis Cocker for the majority of my life, and he has been rocking a pair for much longer than that!
I put these on for fun, and ended up buying them and wearing them all day to the delight of most of my employees.
 And my children's dismay.
And my husband's laughter and teasing.
And the dogs looking at me strangely when I arrived home.
And the people in the grocery store staring like they've never seen anything like it in this po~dunk town.

glasses: express
denim jacket: ? old old old!
gingham tunic: jcrew
ribbed tank & leggings: ny&co
sandals: banana republic
necklace: limited
wristwear: asst bangles, tiffany's & citizen watch
ring: tiffany's

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ooops, I Did It Again

When I wore my red pants on Monday, it was to shop and go to lunch with my bestest girl.
Since no one saw me except total strangers, I threw caution to the wind and wore them again today.
 To work.
If red pants weren't bold enough, I went out on a limb and mixed pinstripe with lace and threw in some sexy studded heels to toughen it all up a bit.

pants: limited
blazer: ny&co
lace tee: express
heels: marc fisher
jewelry: citizen and tiffanys

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Of The Best Days Of My Life

Ten years ago this September I went on "vacation" with my fiancee and unbeknownst to our families, we eloped.
In June of that year we were dancing away at my mother's wedding when my never~been~married~before~fiancee announced "I don't want to do this. Any of this" as he motioned around the room. A good friend of ours who was dancing nearby and overheard us suggested we elope.
"You guys love're going there soon too aren't you? Just get married there!" she said.

The following day when we were a little more ahem, clearheaded...I asked him if he was really serious about no wedding.
It wasn't because I needed to have a traditional wedding, I was divorced and had had as traditional a wedding as a former punk could possibly have.
(Except I wore pink, had our son walk me down the aisle, celebrated with a brunch reception so I could catch an early evening flight to London!But stay tuned because I plan to share that one too!)

He was dead set against a big wedding, and liked the idea of getting married while we were up in Maine in September.
So I put the wheels in motion.
We had already rented a house in Hull's Cove on Mount Desert Island Maine.
I had a custom dress made in duchess satin in NYC from Serafina Silhouettes.
I bought him a suit and got my son some fancy duds too.
I built a relationship with the town clerk of Bar Harbor who agreed to marry us herself.
We decided it would be September 6th on Otter Cliff in Acadia National Park at sunset.
I obtained permits and started to seek out a photographer per word of mouth.
My husband asked his childhood best friend if he and his then girlfriend would come up from NYC to be our witnesses. They agreed and we invited them to stay the rest of the week with us to hang out.
I waited too long to look for shoes for myself and the only white ones I could find in late August/early September were awful ones that were a size too big!
But I didn't even care...the thought of this was too exhilirating!
I was marrying the man who had become my best friend, an amazing stepfather, and the love of my life.
Want to see for yourself???

Ah, yes...I wasn't a blonde back then...I had an awfully crooked tooth that has since been fixed...and if I do say so myself, I had some pretty diesel arms, huh?

We took photos on the Shore Path in downtown Bar Harbor, Asticou Gardens and Eagle Lake in Acadia.
Winding it all down at sunset on Otter Cliff.
After we were officially hitched, we ate at The Burning Tree at our officients recommendation and my husband still talks about how phenomenal that meal was today.

I have started to look for a rental for this summer up there.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate our 10th anniversary than to go back with our children!

*excuse the crappy pic quality, i have no patience to scan photographs, i just took pics of them with my iphone and an unsteady hand!*