Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Color Play

I have decided to hereby declare this week as Blazer Week.
Since I wore my herringbone blazer Sunday, and ended up with my chambray one on for Monday I might as well just stick with the theme and see how many ways I can rock that tailored topper.
Right now there are 39 of them hanging in my closet.
(Yes, I counted and yes, the heavier winter ones are not included)
A mix of vintage and new, classic and modern, and a few "interpretations".
I rarely meet a blazer I don't like.

I recently watched an interview with Jenna Lyons from JCrew and she was asked what is one article of clothing she finds herself buying again and again.
She said she cannot stop buying white button downs and blazers.
So I drifted into my other closet (that houses button downs) where there are 16 white button downs.
(Yes, I counted!)
The white button down and blazer provide limitless wardrobe possibilities besides being timeless classics you will never find yourself purging.

What wardrobe staple do you find yourself stocking up on?

chambray blazer: jcrew
stripe tee & chino: jcrew
scarf: express
sunglasses: banana republic
ring: target


  1. sister..you are NOT kidding about Blazers...my goodness.
    Each one if more fabulous than the next!


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