Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I realized this spring that I do not own a "normal" a.k.a. classic trench coat.
I have a cropped khaki one.
I have a shorter cream colored one.
But as far as the classic trench?
I have been searching relentlessly for one to meet my specs and have failed miserably.
I either don't like the fabric, there is just something off, or I am not willing to pay the price (the JCrew Collection one I tried on was A~mazing for $300 but it's too bad I have some kid's college education to help pay for in 2 more years!)

Enter The Limited.
I was a big, big fan of The Limited a while back, but haven't shopped there in well over a year.
I heard about the Friends & Family 40% off they were having a few weeks back and decided to see if they had a reasonably priced trench.
They had a few actually, but once I laid eyes on this one, with it's very subtle hint of blush pink, I was sold.
Leopard lining inside...darling!
I finally own the perfect, classic trench for well under $100!
It may not be khaki, but who says I'm a conformist?

trench: limited
blouse: f21
jeans: express
heels: target
earrings: old limited
ring: jcrew


  1. That is the perfect trench! I need to head over there and see if there are any left! xo

  2. lovely outfit! I really love your top <3

  3. I had never realized it before but I don't own a classic trench either - short black, grey-plaid... nothing long and neutral though - new mission, found.

    Yours is wonderful, it gives me something to shoot for.

  4. Love those saucy shoes girl!

  5. love your coat! Love your shirt too...great colors on you :)

  6. i really would like to see the inside of the trench, looks gorgeous!! oh everybody should have a fabulous trench

  7. lovely ensemble!! ahhh! so fun. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  8. Gorgeous look. And totally love those shoes!

  9. it is PERFECT!
    I recently reconnected with The Limited and have been really pleased with their selection...they do some designer collaborations that i love..most recently with Jodi Arnold. I have blogged a few times about how they are "stepping up" their game for sure.
    Glad you got the friends and family..that always sweetens the deal.

  10. Ahh, I used to have a classic trench, but it's since become too small for me. Boo... I love the fact that yours has leopard lining and just a hint of pink, though. It's so classic, yet so you. This entire outfit is pretty fierce -- I think the earrings really tie it all together!

  11. Love the leopard lining as well. Trench coats make my feel lady like and timeless in an instant!



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