Friday, April 8, 2011

Feels Good

I've been having some severe body image issues this week and Thursday morning almost aborted the whole blazer week thing in a fit of "I loathe myselfness".
But I am pretty damn stubborn and decided I was sticking it out.
I threw these pieces together before work and was pleased with the outcome.
In fact, I felt great all day both physically and mentally and for the first time all week enjoyed taking outfit photos.
Which is probably why I uploaded a ton of them.
Who knew that wearing a little mini when you've physically felt anything but mini could turn your mood around?

It's the little things that surprise me....

boyfriend blazer: ny&co
denim button up: jcrew
cargo vest: h&m
skirt: express
tights: target
shoes: style&co
bracelets: jcrew
watch: citizen
rings: (with stone) gifted to me when I was 15 & target
earrings: ny&co
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini


  1. awesome look! the layering is fantastic! <3

  2. i totally think what we wear can turn our mood around. i'm on a pretty good stretch right now, and feel very comfortable and confident in my clothes lately. it definitely lifts my spirits. so glad you found the perfect outfit for you! and i LOVE the popped collar!

  3. Seriously?! Eleanor, this outfit couldn't have been put together any better! You look perfect and the addition of the denim button up is tres chic! xo

  4. what an adorable outfit! I really really love your skirt.

  5. Hey hun,

    You look stunning and as I read your post I wondered whether I'm having body image issues, or at least I was having issues. I always think that shopping helps, because you get to think properly through your look and body image. That skirt is perfect for the Winter/Summer transition.
    Thanks for your lovely comment, white and a tan would be amazing, but I don't tan at all :(

    Love Free x

  6. oh that skirt, that divine skirt. i love it. it does not only look fabulous with neutral colors. i am sure that it will look divine in the summer too. really love it

  7. Nice outfit, like the jacket!

  8. I love your skirt, awesome look dear xxx

  9. i love your skirt!!is awesome!nice outfit!!
    Follow me if you like my blog dear??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u kiss

  10. Nice outfit n photos:)

    Btw, thx so much for comments on my blog. I have followed yr blog, do u mind following mine as well?

  11. I LOVE that vest...with the button up underneath...LOVEEEE!
    I wish I had known you would be in MANA, we could have met up...I suppose we will have to wait until Lola's:)
    Ummm, almost died at your comment...MHC was my FAVORITE author in my teens...I have read like EVERY one of her books...that is amazing. Spring Lake has some ridic money...omg. The fashion show was fun...I will have to give you details about it....when we finally meet face to face.
    You look beautiful in these photos!

  12. I love all the layering. You look great in this outfit!

  13. You're right! abort that self-doubt and be who you want to be! Very cute outfit :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you know! Would love for you to follow me xxx

  14. Awww...we all have those days. The good news is that this outfit totally worked! Lovin' layers!

  15. This is why I love you...I would NEVER think to put together these pieces...but they look amazing!!!

    You are my inspiration.

    And I totally agree about the "wearing a mini when you don't feel it cure". For some weird reason- it does work. But I don't do it enough.

  16. You look adorable!! I love the skirt, like I may need to stalk it...LOL

    ride out the body image issue days...we all have them and they all pass :)

  17. Awww you look great! I love how all these layers make the outfit so cute. It is freezing this weekend so the thought of layers is so appealing. it's freezing rain right now. I think we jinxed it not wearing jackets last weekend!
    You are gorgeous and I hope you feel great every day!


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