Friday, April 22, 2011


I have always loved a good pair of "hipster" glasses like this.
Mostly because I have been obsessed with Jarvis Cocker for the majority of my life, and he has been rocking a pair for much longer than that!
I put these on for fun, and ended up buying them and wearing them all day to the delight of most of my employees.
 And my children's dismay.
And my husband's laughter and teasing.
And the dogs looking at me strangely when I arrived home.
And the people in the grocery store staring like they've never seen anything like it in this po~dunk town.

glasses: express
denim jacket: ? old old old!
gingham tunic: jcrew
ribbed tank & leggings: ny&co
sandals: banana republic
necklace: limited
wristwear: asst bangles, tiffany's & citizen watch
ring: tiffany's


  1. lol!!! I love it! you have gorgeous hair btw

  2. great look! has a very rocker billy look


    follow on :

  3. I used to do this as a child. I need to get back into the habit...fake glasses, maybe a wig or two...

    something FUN to change your look for the day!!

    LOVE IT!

  4. omg...I love this outfit! the necklace is sick.
    I am SOOOO excited for us to meet at the shopping party at Lola's on the 6th....if you tell me you can't come I may your style so much:)
    I am just so excited to meet in person!!! Can't wait. C

  5. Love this layered look! The jacket especially is great :)


  6. This outfit is so chic. I love it, especially that gingham shirt with that necklace. Great ensemble.

  7. Wow girl you look amazing, this is a really nice blog. Happy EAster. : )

  8. nice outfit! xoxo

  9. Happy Easter. I love those glasses on you! I've been thinking of getting a pair of clear lens glasses similar to those and you've made me decided to pull the trigger. You look great in them!

  10. Love love love your hipster look! Adorable!


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